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Question From class 10 Chapter CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER (2019-2020)

Myopia is corrected by the use of a

Concave lens

Convex lens

Bifocal lens

Cylindrical lens

Answer :


A person suffering from 'presbyopia' (myopia and hyper metropia both defects) should use
Chromatic aberration of lens can be corrected by
(a) A student suffering from myopia is not able to see distinctly the objects placed beyond . Two possible reasons due to which this defect of vision may have arisen. With the help of ray diagrams, explain : <br> (i) Why the student is unable to see distinctly the objects placed beyond from his eyes. <br> (ii) The type of corrective lens used to restore proper vision and how this defect is corrected by the use of this lens. <br> (b) If in this case, numerical value of focal length of corrective lens is , find the power of the lens as per the new cartesion sign convention.
Explain what is meant by myopia and hypermetropia. How are they caused ? Briefly explain their removal.
Myopia is due to
A myopia person has been using spectacles of power dioptre for distant vision. During old age, he also needs to use separate reading glasses of power dioptre. Explain what may have happened.
The lens used for correcting myopia is.
A myopia eye can see clearly………but the………cannot be seen distinctly.
The rest positions of the needles in a miliammeter and voltmeter not in use are as shown in (Fig. 3.61)(a). When a student uses these in his experiment, the readings of the needles are in the positions shown in (Fig. 3.61)(b). Find the corrected values of current and voltage in the experiment. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/PR_X_V01_C03_E01_100_Q01.png" width="80%">.
To remove myopia (short sightedness) a lens of power 0.66 D is required. The distant point of the eye is approximately
A person can see the objects lying between from his eye. His vision can be corrected by using lens of power . Is the statement true of false ?
The far point of a myopia eye is at . For removing this defect, the power of lens required will be
A person can see the objects lying between from his eye. His vision can be corrected by using lens of power , Is the statement true or false ?
A person looking at a mesh of crossed wires is able to see the vertical wires more distincly than the horizontal wires. Why ? How can it be corrected ?
Finger prints are observed by the use of
Digital circuit can be made by the repetitive use of
By the use of dimensions, show that energy per unit volume is equal to pressure.
Digital circuit can be made by repetitive use of
An AND gate can be prepared by repetitive use of

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