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Question From class 12 Chapter संधारित्र तथा परावैद्युत

दो संधारित्रों की तुल्य-धारिता समांतर-क्रम में तथा श्रेणीक्रम में है। उनकी अलग-अलग धारिताएँ क्या है?

Answer :

Equivalence of two capacitors connected in parallel And in order is. Find the capacitance of each capacitor.
The resultant resistance is 25 ohms when two wires are connected in series and 4 ohms in parallel order. Find the different values of resistance.
Will the equivalent resistance of resistance in parallel sequence combination be greater than their individual resistance?
And Write the value of equivalent capacitance of capacitance of two capacitors if the capacitor is in - (i) series, (ii) parallel function.
In the arrangement shown in Figure 2.5 The potential difference between the plates of capacitance of capacitance is V and the equivalent capacitance between points A and B is X. <br><img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/SMA_HIN_PHY_XII_P2_U8_C02_E01_019_Q01.png" width="80%">
Two maintained whose capacities respectively and Huh. Are linked in hierarchy. What will be their equal holding?
Three equal capacitance C capacitors are added first in parallel order and then in series. The ratio of equivalent holdings in both the conditions is-
N capacitors of equal capacitance - (i) series, (ii) connected in parallel order. What are the equivalent capacities of the combination in each case?
Capacitance of five identical capacitors added in series Huh. If you add them in parallel order and charge them up to 400 volts, then there will be total energy stored in them.
And The capacitance two parallel plate capacitors A and B are charged separately to the differential of 100 volts. Now A&#39;s money plate is connected to B&#39;s loan plate and A&#39;s loan plate is added to B&#39;s money plate. Find the final charge on each capacitor.
Two parallel plate capacitors are connected in series. Capacitance of each capacitor is. If the material of the parabolic K = 4 is filled in the space between the plates of a capacitor, find the new capacitance of the combination.
Although the density of gases present in the atmosphere is different, yet different layers of these gases are not formed. Why?
Statement 1: They are added (in series) in series to increase the value of equivalent capacitance in combination with strings. <br> Statement 2: The value of equivalent capacitance in series grouping of capacitors is less than the minimum capacitance in that group.
Two heat conductors whose thermal resistance are respectively. (i) in series order (ii) are connected in parallel order. What is their equivalent thermal resistance?
n resistance in which each value is R. (i) hierarchy, (ii) are connected in parallel order. What is the equivalent resistance in each case?

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