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Effective dipole moment of a paramagnetic salt is at under magnetic field of . Find magnetic moment at , when magnetic field is . Assume Curie's Law.

Solution :

Here, <br> <br> According to Curie's Law <br> <br>

A sample of paramagnetic salt contains atomic dipoles, each of moment . The sample is placed under a homogeneous magnetic field of and cooled to a temperature of . The degree of magnetic saturation archieved is equal to . What is the total dipole moment of the sample for a mangetic field of and a temperature of . (Assume Curie's law).
The earth's magnetic field at the equator is approximately , Estimate the earth's dipole moment.
Write the definition of magnetic dipole moment. Find the formula for the moment of force on a magnetic dipole located in the same magnetic field.
A short magnetic dipole when placed at origin with its dipole moment oriented along x-axis , the magnetic field at the point (a,0) is . What will be the magnetic field at the above point , if another identical dipole is also placed at origin with its dipole moment oriented along y-axis ?
The torque acting on a magnetic dipole of moment when placed in a magnetic field is
In a sample of paramagnetic salts Atoms are dipoles, each of which has a dipole moment Joule / Tesla. To sample Placed in a uniform magnetic field of Tesla and K heat cut is cooled. They had 15% magnetic saturation. If this sample were placed at a temperature of 2.8 K in a magnetic field of 0.98 Tesla, what would be its total dipole moment? (It can be assumed that the Curie rule applies.)
Verify the Gauss's law for magnetic field of a point dipole of dipole moment M at the origin for the surface which is a sphere of radius R.
To a magnetic dipole To keep the magnetic field perpendicular to the intensity of The need to apply a force pair of Newton-meter is hoti. Calculate the magnetic moment of the dipole.
The magnetic field to a small magnetic dipole of magnetic moment , at distance r from the centre on the equatorial line is given by (in M.K.S. system)
Two identcal magnetic dipole of magnetic moment each, placed at a separation of 2 m with their axis perpendicular to each other. The resultant magnetic field at a point midway between the dipole is
A bar magnet of moment of inertia vibrates in a magnetic field of induction tesla. The time period of vibration is . Then the magnetic moment of the bar magnet is
A bar magnet has moment of inertia vibrates in a magnetic field of induction tesla. The time period of vibration is . The magnetic moment of the bar magnet is
A magnet is suspended at an angle in an external magnetic field of . What is the work done by the magnetic field in bringing it in its direction?
What is magnetic dipole moment? Calculate the magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron.
Calculate torque acting on a bar magnet of length 20 cm magnetic dipole moment , which is placed in earth's magnetic field of flux density , perpendicular to the field .

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