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Question From class 11 Chapter CENTRE OF MASS

Consider the elastic collision f two bodies A and B of equal mass. Initially B is at rest and A moves with velocity . After the collision -

the body A tracks, its path back with the same speed

the body A comes to rest and B moves aways in the direction of A' is approach with the velocity

both the bodies stick together and are rest

B moves with velocity and A retraces its path with velocity

Answer :


Solution :

When two equal mass collide elastically then velocities get interchange

A body 'A' moving in a straight line with velocity v makes a collision with a body 'B' initially at rest. After collision, B acquires a velocity of . Assuming the bodies to be perfectly elastic, what is the ratio of the mass of A to that of B? What percentage of A's energy is transferred to B as a result of collision.
Consider the following statements A and B. Identify the correct choice in the given answers <br> A. In a one dimensional perfectly elastic collision between two moving bodies of equal masses the bodies merely exchange their velocities after collision. <br> B. If a lighter body at rest suffers perfectly elastic collision with a very heavy body moving with a certain velocity, then after collision both travel with same velocity.
A body of mass 'm' moving with certain velocity collides with another identical body at rest. If the collision is perfectly elastic and after the collision both the bodies moves
A particle P moving with speed v undergoes a head -on elastic collision with another particle Q of identical mass but at rest. After the collision the collision
A ball of mass moving with a speed of has a head on elastic collision with a mass initially at rest. The speeds of both the bodies after collision are respectively
A particle A suffers an oblique elastic collision particle that is at rest initially. If their masses with a are the same, then after the collision
Two sphere of masses respectivelly colides. A is at rest initally and is moving with velocity along x-axis. After collision has a velocity in a direction perpendicular to the original direction. The mass moves after collision in the direction.
A particle of mass m moving with velocity makes a head on elastic collision with another particle of same mass initially at rest. The velocity of the first particle after the collision will be
A and B are two identical balls. A moving with a speed of , along the positive X-axis, undergoes a collision with B initially at rest. After collision, each ball moves along directions making angles of with the X-axis. What are the speeds of A and B after the collision ? I s this collision perfectly eleastic ?
Consider an one dimensional elastic collision between a given incoming body A and body B, initially at rest. The mass of B in comparison to the mass of A in order that B should move with greatest kinetic energy is
A mass 'm' moves with a velocity 'v' and collides inelastieally with another identical mass . After collision the mass moves with velocity in a direction perpendicular to the initial direction of motion. Find the speed of the mass after collision. <br>
A sphere P of mass m and velocity undergoes an oblique and perfectly elastic collision with an identical sphere Q initially at rest. The angle between the velocities of the spheres after the collision shall be
A body of mass m is at rest. Another body of same mass moving with velocity V makes head on elastic collision with the first body. After collision the first body starts to move with velocity
A particle moving with speed undergoes a head - on elastic collision with another particle of identical mass but at rest. After the collision
On a friction surface a block a mass moving at speed collides elastic with another block of same mass which is initially at rest . After collision the first block moves at an angle to its initial direction and has a speed . The second block's speed after the collision is

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