Calculate the rms speed of nitrogen at STP (pressure atm and temperature . The density of nitrgoen in these conditions is

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At STP, the pressure is

. The rms speed is <br>




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Calculate the rms speed of nitrogen at STP (pressure `=1` atm and temperature `= 0^0 C`. The density of nitrgoen in these conditions is `1.25 kg m^(-3)`
At , the density of nitrogen at 1 atm is 1.25 kg/ . The nitrogen whch occuped 1500 ml at and 1 atm was compressed at and 575 atm and the gas volume was observed to be 3.92 ml, in violation of Boyl's law .what was the final density of this non-ideal gas ?
At pressure the densities of air, oxygen and nitrogen are respectively. Calculate the percentage of nitrogen in the air from these data, assuming only these two gases to be present.
The speed of sound in hydrogen at is . The density of hydrogen at STP is . Calculate the molar heat capacities of hydrogen.
The rms speed of helium gas at and 1 atm pressure is 900 . Then the rms speed of helium molecules at temperature and 2 atm pressure is
Calculate (i) rms velocity and (ii) mean kinetic energy of one gram molecule of hydrogen at STP. Given density of hydrogen at STP is .
Find the massof 1 cubicmetre of moist air at s and pressure, the dew point being . (Saturated vapour pressure at . Density of dry air at STP . Density of moisture at any temperature and pressure of density of dry air at the same temperature and pressure.)
A gas bulb of 1 litre capacity contains molecules of nitrgoen exerting a pressure of . Calculate the root mean square speed and temperature of the gas molecules. If the ratio of most probable speed to the root mean sqaure speed is 0.82, calculate the most probable speed of these molecules at this temperature
Calculate the temperature at which rms velocity of a gas is half its value at , pressure remaining constant
If the rms speed of nitrogen molecules is at 273 K, find the rms speed of hydrogem molecules at the same temperature.
Calculate the speed of longitudinal waves in the following gases at and <br> (a) oxygen for which the bulk modulus is pa and density is .<br> (b) helium for which the bulk modulus is pa and density is .
One litre sample of a gas having density at 1 atm and was compressed to atm resulting a volume in violation of Boyle's law The final density of the gas is .
When water is boiled at atm pressure the latent heat of vapourization is and the boiling point is At atm pressure kg of water has a volume of and kg of steam has volume of . The increase in internal energy of kg of water when it is converted into steam at atm pressure and is [ atm pressure ]
The rms speed of the molecules of a gas of density 4 kg and pressure is:
The rms speed of oxygen molecules at a certain temeperature is 400 m/s . What is the rms speed of nitrogen molecules at the same temperature ?
kg of nitrogen is enclosed in a vessel at a temperature of At which temperature the rms velocity of nitrogen gas is twice it’s the rms velocity at ?

FAQs on Kinetic Theory Of Gases

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Pressure Of An Ideal Gas

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Most Probable Velocity

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