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Question From class 11 Chapter WORK POWER AND ENERGY

By applying the brakes without causing skid, the driver of a car is able to stop his car with in a distance of , if it is going at . If the car were going at . Using the same brakes, he can stop the car over a distance of


Apne doubts clear karein ab Whatsapp par bhi. Try it now.

A driver having a definite reaction time is capable of stopping his car over a distance of 30 m on seeing a red traffic signal, when the speed of the car is 72 km/hr andover a distance of 10 m when the speed is 36 km/hr. Find the distance over which he can stop the car if it were running at a speed of 54 km/hr. Assume that his reaction time and the deceleration of the car remains same in all the three cases.
A car driver going at some speed suddenly finds a wide wall at a distance r. Should he apply brakes or turn the can in a circle of radius r to avoid hitting the wall?
A driver of a car travelling at applies the brakes and stopes the car in seconds. Another driver of car travelling at applies the brakes and stops the car in seconds. Plot speed versus time graphs for the two car. which of the cars travelled farther before stopping ?
A driver takes 0.20 s to apply the brakes after he sees a need for it. This is called the reaction time of the driver. If he ils driving a car at a speed of 54 km/h and the brakes cause a deceleration of , find the distance travelled by the car after he sees the need to put the brakes on.
A car is moving at a speed of . The diamter of its whells is . If the wheels are stopped in rotations by applying brakes, calcualte the angular retardation produced by the brakes.
A car , moving with a speed of , can be stopped by brakes after at least . If the same car is moving at a speed of , the minimum stopping distance is
(a) How can you visualise a power of ? <br> (b) Describe the energy changes that take place when you stop your car by using the brakes.
The brakes applied to a car produce an acceleration of in the opposite direction to the motion . If the car takes to stop after the application of brakes , calculate the distance it travels during this time.
A motor car running at the rate of can be stooped by applying brakes in Show that total resistance to the motion when brakes are on is one fourth of the weight of the car .

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