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Question From class 11 Chapter CIRCULAR MOTION

An automobile enters a turn whose radius is R. The road is banked at angle . Fricton is negligible between wheels of the automobile and road, Mass of automobile is and speed is . Select the correct alternative.

net force on the automobile is zero

normal reaction on the automobile is

normal reaction on the automobile is

net force on the automobile is

Answer :


An automobile enters a turn of radius . If the road is banked at an angle of and the coefficient of friction is 1, the minimum and maximum speed with which the automobile can negotiate the turn without skidding is
A circular road of radius r is banked for a speed v=40 km/hr. A car of mass m attempts to go on the circular road. The firctioncoefficient between the tyre and the road is negligible.
An automobile of mass m starts from rest and accelerates at a maximum rate possible without slipping on a road with . If only the rear wheels are driven and half the weight of the automobile is supported on these wheels, how much time is required to reach a speed of 100 .
An automobile that is towing a trailer is accelerating on a level road. The force that the automobile exerts on the trailer is .
Fing the maximum speed with which an automobile can round a curve of radius 8 m without slipping of the road is unbanked and he coefficient of friction between the orad an the tyres is
An automobile is moving on a horizontal road with a speed If the coefficient of friction between the tyres and the road is show that the shortest distance in which the automobile can be stooped is .
A car is moving along a banked road laid out as a circle of radius r . (a) What should be the banking angle so that the car travelling at speed v needs no frictional force from tyres to negotiate the turn ? (b) The coefficient of friction between tyres and road are and . At what maximum speed can a car enter the curve without sliding toward the top edge of the banked turn ? <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/GRB_AM_PHY_C07_S01_036_Q01.png" width="80%">
An automobile of mass is crossing over a convex upward over bridge with a speed . If the radius of the bridge is the thrusrt on the bridge at the highest point will be.
An automobile vehcile has a mass of What must be the force between the vehcile and road if the vehcile is to be stopped with a negative acceleration of ?
A smooth circular rod of radius r is banked for a speed . A car of mass attempts to go on the circular road. The friction coefficient between the type and the road is negligible, The correct statements are :
A car is negotisting a curved road of radius . The road is banked at an angle theta. The coefficient of friction between the tyres of the car and the road is . The maximum safe velocity on this road is:
A curved road of 50m in radius is banked to correct angle for a given speed. If the speed is to be double keeping the same banking angle, the radius of curvature of the road should be changed to.
A curved section of a road is banked for a speed . If there is no friction between the road and the tyres then.
A car moves along a horizontal circular road of radius r with constant speed v. The coefficient of friction between the wheels and the road is . Which of the following statement is not true ?
Assertion : When an automobile while going too fast around a curve overturns, its inner wheels leave the ground first. <br> Reason : For a safe turn the velocity of automobile should be less than the value of safe limit velocity.

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