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Question From class 11 Chapter MOTION IN TWO DIMENSION

A train is moving towards north. At one place it turn towards north -east. Here, we observe that:

the radius of curvature of outer rail will be greater than that of the inner rail

the radius of curvature of outer rail will be greater than that of the outer rail

the radius of curvature of one of the rails will be greater

the radius of curvature of outer and inner rail will be same

Answer :


Solution :

Because in horizontal direction remains constant during whole journey because there is no acceleration in this that of inner all.

A train is moving due east and a car is moving due north with equal speeds. A passenger in the train finds that the car is moving towards
A bird is flying towards north with a velocity and a train is moving with velocity towards east. What is the velocity of the bird boted by a man in the train ?
A person moving on earth's surface starts from north pole & moves 500 km towards south and then moves 1000 km towards east and then again moves 500 km towards north and stops. The displacement of the person is:
A person moves 20 m towards north-east then moves 20 m towards west and then again moves 20 m towards north-east and stops. The magnitude of displacement of the person is:
A horizontal wid is blowing with a velocity towards north-east. A man starts running towards north with acceleration . The after which man will feel the wind blowing towards east is
A man goes 10 m towards North, then 20 m towards east then displacement is
An electron moving towards the east enters a magnetic field directed towards the north. The force on the electron will be directed
Two ships are apart on a line from south to north.The one farther north is moving towards west at and the other is moving towards north at .Then distance of their closest approach is
Assertion : A bus moving due north takes a turn and starts moving towards east with same speed. There will be no change in the velocity of bus.<br> Reason : Velocity is a vector-quantity.
Calculate the distance travelled by the car, if a car travels towards north at an angle of to the east and then travells a distance of towards north at an angle of to the est.
A man walks towards east and towards north. The magnitude of displacement is :
A partical moves towards east and then towards north. Find the displacement and distance covered.
A body of mass 2 kg is moving with velocity 10 m / s towards east. Another body of same mass and same velocity moving towards north collides with former and coalsces and moves towards northeast. Its velocity is
Two trains and are moving with same speed of .Train moves towards east and train moves towards west.An an instant when the trains are moving side by side, an aeroplane files above the trains horizontally.For the passengers in the train , the plane appears to fly from North to South direction.For the passengers in the train , the plane appears to fly in a direction making an angle to North-South direction.
A positively charged particle projected towards east is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. The field may be

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