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Question From class 12 Chapter TEST PAPERS

A small ball of mass is released from rest at a height above ground at time . At time , the ball again comes to rest at a height above ground. Consider the ground to be perfectly rigid and neglect air friction. In the time interval from to , pick up the correct statements.

Work done by gravity on ball is

Work done by gravity on ball is

Average acceleration of the ball is zero.

Net work done on the ball by all forces except gravity is

Answer :


Solution :

From the figure- work done by gravity from to is <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_P20_17_APCT_P6_XI_E01_032_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Since initial and final velocity of ball is zero its average acceleration will be zero <br> Since net work done is zero from time interval to <br> Hence work done by forces except gravity is

A ball released from rest from the roof of a building of height 45 m at t = 0. Find the height of ball from ground at t = 2s.
A ball is dropped at t = 0 from a height 12 m above the ground. At the instant of release a very massive platform is at a height 4 m above the ground and moving upward with velocity as shown in the figure. Find : <br> (a) the height reached by the ball after a perfectly elastic impact with the wall. <br> the time when the ball strikes the platform second time.
A particle when projected vertically upwards from the ground, takes time T to reach maximum height H. Find out <br> (i) The height of the particle from ground at and also find the ratio of K.E. to P.E. for particle at the same instant of time. <br> (ii) If the particle crosses a point at height at time and then find
A car of mass is initially at rest on the boat of mass tied to the wall of dock through a massless, inextensible string. The car accelerates from rest to velocity in times to. At the car applies brake and comes to rest relative to the boat in negligible time. Neglect friction between the boat and water: the time at which boat will strike the wall is <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_VOL2_C01_E01_124_Q01.png" width="80%">
A particle is projected vertically upward from the ground at time and reaches a height at . Show that the greater height of the particle is
A point mass starts moving in straight line with constant acceleration from rest at . At time , the acceleration changes the sign remaining the same in magnitude. The mass returns to the initial position at time after start of motion. Here is
A ball is released from the top of a to tower of heitht It takes time to reach the ground. What is the position of the ball (from ground) after time ?.
Nuclei of radioactive element are produced at rate (where is time) at any time . The element has decay constant . Let be the number of nuclei of element at any time . At time is minimum. The number of nuclei of element at time is
A particle of mass m moves on the x-axis as follows. It starts from rest at t = 0 from the point x = 0 and comes to rest at t = 1 at the point x = 1 No other information is available about its motion at intermediate time . If denotes the instantaneous acceleration of the particle, then
A body falls from a large height. The ratio of distance traveled in each time interval during to of the journey is
A time varying force , at t=0 starts acting on a body of mass 2kg initially at rest, where t is in second. The force is withdrawn just at the instant when the body comes to rest again. We can see that at the force . Now answer the following: <br> Mark the correct statement:
A block of mass 10 kg is kept on ground. A vertically upward force , where is the time in seconds starts on it at . <br> (a) Find the time at which the normal reaction acting on the block is zero. <br> (b) The height of the block from ground at sec.
A ball is dropped from a height of 19.6 m above the ground. It rebounds from the ground and raises itself up to the sme height. Take the starting point s the origin and vertically downward as the positie X-axis. Draw approximate plots of x versus t, v versus t and a versus t. Neglect the small interval during which the ball was in contact with the ground.
A ball is thrown vetically upwards at time . Air resistance is not negligible and the acceleration of free fall is . The ball reaches a maximum height at time and then descends, reaching terminal speed. Which graph best shows the variation with time to the acceleration a of the ball
Nuclei of radioactive element A are produced at rate at any time t. The element A has decay constant Let N be the number of nuclei of element A at any time t. At time is minimum. Then the number of nuclei of element A at time is:

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