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Question From class 11 Chapter KINEMATICS 1

A horizontal wid is blowing with a velocity towards north-east. A man starts running towards north with acceleration . The after which man will feel the wind blowing towards east is

Answer :


A man goes 10 m towards North, then 20 m towards east then displacement is
A particle moves towards east with velocity . After its direction changes towards north with same Velocity. The average acceleration of the particle is
A boat is moving towards east velocity 4 m/s w.r.t still water and river is flowing towards north with velocity 2 m/s and the wind blowing towards north with velocity 6 m/s. the direction of the flag blown over by the wind hpisted on the boat is
A particle is moing with a velocity of towards east. After 10s its velocity changes to towards north. Its average acceleration is:-
A bota has a velocity towards east with respect to river is flowing north with velocity Wind is blowing towards north with velocity . The direction of the flag blown over by the wind hoisted on the boat is
A man walks towards east and towards north. The magnitude of displacement is :
A bird is flying towards north with a velocity and a train is moving with velocity towards east. What is the velocity of the bird boted by a man in the train ?
A man walk 20 m at an angle north of east . How far towards east has he he travellled ?
A man walks 30m. Towards north, then 20m towards east and in the last towards south-west. The displacement form origin is :-
A man is on ship which is moving in east direction with speed Waves of ocean is taking ship towards west with speed . Man start running on ship with flag in his hand in north direction with speed and wind is blowing with towards south of west then find the direction of flutter the flag as seen by man on ground.
A man moves towards 3m north then 4 m towards east and finally 5 m towards south of west. His displacement from origin is :-
A man walk 10 m towards east, then 40 m towards North and in the last 30 m towards west find the net displacement :-
A man travelling towards east at 8km/h finds that the wind seems to blow directly from the north On doubling the speed, he finds that it appears to come from the north-east. Find the velocity of the wind.
A boat is moving towards south with veloctity with respect to still water and river is flowing towards east with velocity and the wind is blowing towards south-east with velocoity . The direction of the flag blown over by the wind, hoisted on the boat is :
A man goes 10 meters towards East and then 30 meters towards North. What is the distance from the starting point?

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