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Question From class 11 Chapter KINEMATICS 1

A horizontal wid is blowing with a velocity towards north-east. A man starts running towards north with acceleration . The after which man will feel the wind blowing towards east is

Answer :


A man is on ship which is moving in east direction with speed Waves of ocean is taking ship towards west with speed . Man start running on ship with flag in his hand in north direction with speed and wind is blowing with towards south of west then find the direction of flutter the flag as seen by man on ground.
A bota has a velocity towards east with respect to river is flowing north with velocity Wind is blowing towards north with velocity . The direction of the flag blown over by the wind hoisted on the boat is
A man goes 10 m towards North, then 20 m towards east then displacement is
A man walks towards east and towards north. The magnitude of displacement is :
A particle moves towards east with velocity . After its direction changes towards north with same Velocity. The average acceleration of the particle is
A bird is flying towards north with a velocity and a train is moving with velocity towards east. What is the velocity of the bird boted by a man in the train ?
A political party has to start its procession in an area where wind is blowing at a speed of and party flags on the cars are fluttering along north - east direction. If the procession starts with a speed of towards north, find the direction of flags on the cars.
At a harbour, a boat is standing and wind is blowing at a speed of due to which , the flag on the boat flutters along north east. Now the boat enters in to river, which is flowing with a velocity of . Due north. The boat starts with zero velocity relative to the river and its constant acceleration relative to the river is due east. In which direction will the flag flutter at 10 seconds ?
A train is moving towards north. At one place it turn towards north -east. Here, we observe that:
A man walks towards east and thern truns at an angle of to the north of east and walks 10 m
A body is moving with velocity towards east. After its velocity becomes towards north. The average acceleration of the body is.
A source is moving with constant speed towards a stationary observer due east of the source. Wind is blowing at the speed of at north of east. The source has frequency . Speed of sound . The frequency resgistered by the observer is approximately
A person moves 20 m towards north-east then moves 20 m towards west and then again moves 20 m towards north-east and stops. The magnitude of displacement of the person is:
An aeroplane takes off from Mumbai to Delhi with velocity 50 kph in north-east direction. Wind is blowing at 25 kph from north to south. What is the resultant displacement of aeroplane in 2 hrs.
A person moving on earth's surface starts from north pole & moves 500 km towards south and then moves 1000 km towards east and then again moves 500 km towards north and stops. The displacement of the person is:

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