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Question From class 11 Chapter GRAVITATION

(a) Estimate the average orbital speed of the earth going around the sun. The average Earth-sun distance is (b) An asteroid going around the sun has an average orbital speed of 15 km/s. Is the asteroid farther from the sun or closer to the sun as compared to the Earth? Explain your answer.

Answer :

30 km/s <br> Farther

The mean orbital radius of the Earth around the Sun is . Estimate the mass of the Sun.
What is the escape speed for an object in the same orbit as that of Earth around sun (Take orbital radius R) but far from the earth? (mass of the sun = ) <br> (b) If an object already has a speed equal to the earth's orbital what minimum additional speed must it be given to escape as in (a) ? .
Assuming that the earth performs unifrom circular motion around the Sun, find the centripetal acceleration of the earth. [ Speed of the earth m/s. distance between the earth and the Sun m ]
The average distance of the Sun from a planet is four times the distance of the Sun from the Earth. In how many years will that planet revolve around the Sun?
The average distance of Sun from any planet is 9 times the average distance of Sun from Earth. Find the rotation period of the planet.
Around the Sun according to the Bohr model In an orbit of meter radius, Find the characteristic quantum number of the Earth revolving at an orbital velocity of m / s (Earth is mass Kg).
The angular velocity of earth around the sun increases when it comes closer to the sun. Why ?
Calculate the force of gravitation between the earth the sun, given that the mass of the earth kg and mass of the sun kg. The average distance between the two is .
Calculate the force of attraction between the earth and the sun, given that mass of earth is kg abd mass of sun kg. the average distance between the two is
In accordance with the Bohr’s model, find the quantum number that characterises the earth’s revolution around the sun in an orbit of radius m with orbital speed m/s. (Mass of earth = kg.)
Solar constant, is defined as intensity of solar radiation incident on the Earth. Its value is close to . Nearly of this energy is absorbed by the Earth. The average temperature of Earth is about 290 K. Radius of the Earth is and that of the Sun is . Earth - Sun distance is . Assume Sun to be a black body. <br> (a) Estimate the effective emissivity of earth.<br> (b) Find the power of the sun. <br> (c) Estimate the surface temperature of the Sun.
In the Rutherford’s nuclear model of the atom, the nucleus (radius about m) is analogous to the sun about which the electron move in orbit (radius m) like the earth orbits around the sun. If the dimensions of the solar system had the same proportions as those of the atom, would the earth be closer to or farther away from the sun than actually it is? The radius of earth’s orbit is about m. The radius of sun is taken as m.
The mean distance of sun from the earth is . The time taken by light to reach earth from the sun is
If r is the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Then, angular momentum of the Earth around the sun is proportional to
In accordance with the Bohr's model, find the quantum number that characterises the earth's revolution around the sun in an orbit of radius with orbital speed . (Mass of earth= )

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