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Question From class 11 Chapter KINEMATICS

A carrier train, when it is 100 km away from the station, going at a constant speedof 70 kph towards the station. At this instant a fast bird from its engine flies towards the station at 100 kph net speed.When the bird gets to the station, it turns back and flies again towards the train, when it reaches engine, it again turns and heads towards the station. If bird keep son flying in such a manner, find the distance travelled by the bird before train reaches the station ? How many trips, it made in this duration between station and the train ?

A train starts form station at 1pm and reaches station at 3pm, after travelling 108 km. It halts at station for one hour and then starts for station which is 42 km from station . It reaches station at 7pm on the same day. The average speed of the train for the whole journey from to is
A train, travelling at is approaching a platform. A bird is sitting on a pole on the platform. When the train is at a distance of 2 km from pole, breakes are applied which produce auniform deceleration in it. At that instant the bird flies towards the train at and after touching the nearest point on the train flies back to the pole and then flies towards the train and continues repeating itself. Calculate how much distance will the bird have flown before the train stops?
Two trains, each with a speed of 50 kmph are headed towards each other on the same trake. A bird that can fly at the rate of 100kmph flies off one train when they are 100km apart and heads directly to the other train. On reaching the other train it flies back to the first train and so forth. (a) How many trips can the bird make from one train to the other before they crash ? (b) How is the total distance the bird travels ?
A train is targeted to run from Delhi to Pune at an average speed of 80 kph but due to repairs of track looses 2hr sin the first part of the journey. If then accelerates at a rate of till the speed reaches 100 kph. Its speed is now maintained till the end ofthe journey. If the train now reaches station in time, find the distance from when it started accelerating ?
A train starting from one station accelerates uniformly over a distance of , moves with a constant speed over , retards uniformly over the last coming to a stop at another station away from the first station. Draw velocity distance graph of the train.
A bird is flying towards north with a velocity and a train is moving with velocity towards east. What is the velocity of the bird boted by a man in the train ?
Two trains, each travelling with a speed of are approaching each other on the same straingh track. A bird that can fly at 60 kmph flies off from one train when they are 90 km apart and heads directly for the other train. On reaching the other train, it flies back to the first and so on. total distance covered by the bird before trains collide is
Two stations A and B are 100km apart. A passenger train crosses station A travelling at a speed of . The train maintains constant speed for 1 hour 48 minute and then the driven applies brakes to stop the train at station B in next 6 minute. Another express train starts from station B at the time the passenger train was crossing station A. The driver of the express train runs the train with uniform acceleration to attain a peak speed . Immediately after the train attains the peak speed , he applies breaks which cause the train to stop at station A at the same time the passenger train stops at B. Brakes in both the trains cause uniform retardation of same magnitude. Find the travel time of two trains and .
A train whistling at constant frequency is moving towards a station at a constant speed V. The train goes past a stationary observer on the station. The frequency of the sound as heard by the observer is plotted as a function of time t, figure. Identify the expected curve.
Two trains are headed towaads each other on the same straight rrach, each vaving a speed of . A bird that can fly at flies off one train when they are apart and leads firectly form the otjer train, On reaching the other train, tg flies back to the first train and so on. <br> (a) How many trips can the bird make from one trin to the other train befre they meet ? (b) What is the total distance the bird travels ?
<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_VO6_C06_S01_036_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> A train A crosses a station with a speed of 40 m/s and whitles a short pulse of natural frequency another train B is approaching towards the same station with the same speed along a parallel track, Two track are apart. When train A whistles. train B is 152 m away from the station as shown in Fig. If velocity of sound in air is . calculate frequency of the pulse heard by driver of train B.
A person travels by a car at a speed of . It takes exactly 10 hours by his wristwatch to go from the station A to the station B . (a) What is the rest distance between the two stations ? (b) How much is taken in the road frame by the car to go from the station A to the station B?
A car leaves station for station every 10 min. The distance between and is . The car travels at speed . A man drives a car from towards at speed . If he starts at the moment when first car leaves station , how many cars would he meet om route?
A train normally travels at a uniform speed of on a long stretch of straight level track. On a particular day, the train was forced to make a minute stop at a station along this track. If the train decelerates at a uniform rate of and accelerates at a rate of , how much time is lost in stopping at the station ?
A train starts from station with uniform acceleration . For some distance and then groes with uniform retardation for some more distance to come to rest at station . The distance between stations and is and the train takes compete this journey. If accelerations are in km per mimute unit, then show that . Find the value of .

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