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Question From class 11 Chapter VECTORS

A car travles 6km towards north at an angle of to the east and then travles distance of 4km towards north at an angle of to east (figure). How far is the point from the starting point? What angle does the straight line joining its initial and final position makes with the east? <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V01_C03_E01_001_Q01.png" width="80%">

Solution :

Net movement along x-direction, <br> <br> Net movement along y-direction, <br> <br> Net movement from starting point, <br> <br> Angle which makes with the east direction, <br>

Calculate the distance travelled by the car, if a car travels towards north at an angle of to the east and then travells a distance of towards north at an angle of to the est.
A man walk 20 m at an angle north of east . How far towards east has he he travellled ?
A car going north-east at and another car is going south-east at The direction of the velocity of relative to makes an angle with the north equal to:
A man goes 10 meters towards East and then 30 meters towards North. What is the distance from the starting point?
A man walks towards east and thern truns at an angle of to the north of east and walks 10 m
Consider east as positive x-axis, north as positive y-axis and vertically upward direction as z-axis. A helicopter first rises up to an altitide of than flies straight in north and then suddenly takes a turn towards east and travels east. What is position vector of helicopter ? (Take starting point as origin)
To a person travelling due East with velocity u the wind appears to blow from an angle North of East. When he starts travelling due North with velocity 2 u,the wind appears to blow from an angle North of East. Find the true direction of the wind.
Two cars A and B start moving from the same point with same velocity v=5km/minute. Car A moves towards North and car B in moving towards East. What is the relative velocity of B with respect to A ?
The car makes a displacement of 100m towards east and then 200m towards north. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant.
State the kind of angle, in each case, formed between the following directions: (i)East and west                  (ii) East and north (iii)North and north-east      (iv) North and south-east
Two ships move from a point at the same time. First ship moves at the speed of 24 km/hr at angle from north to east and second ship moves at the speed of 32 km/hr at angle from south to east. Find the distance between them after 3 hours.
A body A is standing m away in a direction north of east from east. In a Certesian coordinate system with its x-axis towards the east, the position of C with respect to A is
A body travel a distance of 3 km towards East, then 4 km towards North and finally 9 km towards East. <br> (i) What is the total distance travelled ? <br> (ii) What is the resultant displacement ?
Point P is 5m towards the South of Point M. Point Q is 3m towards the East of Point P . Point O is 3m towards the East of Point M. Point N is 2 m towards the South of Point Q. <br> A person , facing North, takes a left turn from point M, walks 4 m and stops . He then another left turn, walks 5 m and stops at point R. Which of the following points, including R, fall in a straight line ?
A sail boat sails due east, south of east, and finally an unknown displacement. If the final displacement of the boat from the starting point is due east,determine the third displacement.

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