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Question From class 12 Chapter संचार व्यवस्था

5 kHz आवृति के किसी संकेत (सिगनल) का 2 महज़ आवृति की वाहक तरंग पर आयाम मॉडुलन किया गया है, तो परिणामी सिगनल (संकेत) की आवृति होगी:

2 MHz केवल

2005 kHz तथा 1995 kHz

2005 kHz, 2000 kHz तथा 1995 kHz

2000 kHz तथा 1995 kHz

Answer :


Solution :

परिणामी सिगनल की आवृति <br> <br> =2005 kHz, 2000 kHz, 1995 kHz.

When heating On heating, an air column and a vortex triangle are played together, the vibrational frequency is found to be 5 and the vibrating frequency is 5. The frequency of the oscillator is less than the frequency of the air column. When the air temperature decreases If left, when the two are played together, the dissipated frequency also decreases by 1. Find the frequency of the oscillator.
Two sound waves whose equations <br> And is <br> Is charged. Find <br> (A) What is the name of the incident arising out of their imposition? <br> (B) What is the frequency of sound heard by a person? <br> (C) What is the frequency of the resulting amplitude changing with time? <br> (D) What is the frequency of the vibrations generated? <br> (E) What is the ratio between maximum and minimum intensity?
The element in question 18 is the frequency of the progressive wave.
The source S of an unknown frequency is 2 Hz per second with a source of 256 Hz and a frequency of 260 Hz with a source of 6 Vs per second.
The frequency of the input signal in a full-wave rectifier is 50 Hz. What is the frequency of output signal?
A resistor of is connected to a 15 V oscillator. If the frequency of the oscillator is adjusted at 50 Hz and 100 Hz, the ratio of the current flowing in the circuit will be
Earth&#39;s magnetic field If the frequency of a magnetic needle is n, then
If When a charged capacitor of 10 mH is added between the ends of an ideal inductor, the angular frequency of oscillation Will be
The ionization potential of the hydrogen atom is 13.6eV, then the bomber grade Find the frequency and wavelength of the line.
A tuner of unknown frequency produces 4 vibrations per second with a second oscillator of 256 Hz. By applying wax to the first tuner it again produces 4 vibrations per second. Find the unknown frequency.
A radiation wave - ), Whose frequency Is Hz.
Find the frequency of the radiation whose wavelength is 1000 meters.
Find the energy frequency of the radiation whose wavelength is 500 nm.
The equation of a forward wave Where x and y are in semis and t seconds. Find - (i) wavelength of progressive waves (ii) frequency (iii) velocity (iv) amplitude.
A and B are two vocal cords played simultaneously. The resulting residues are represented in the graph by a straight line Q (figure). After applying wax wax to the two together, the vibrations produced are again represented by a straight line R. If the frequency of listener A is 341 Hz, find the frequency of driver B.

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