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Question From class 12 Chapter द्रव्य के सामान्य गुण

एक ही पदार्थ के दो तारो की लम्बाइयों का अनुपात है तथा उनकी त्रिज्याओं का अनुपात है यदि समान बल लगाकर खींचा जाए तो उनकी लम्बाइयों में वृद्धि का अनुपात होगा

Answer :


Solution :

चूँकि या <br> और <br> <br>

Two wires made of the same metal have the same differential applied. What will be the ratio of currents in them if - <br> (i) The transverse area of both the wires is same and the ratio in lengths is 2: 1. <br> (ii) The length of both the wires is same and the ratio of transverse area is 2: 1.
The two wires are made of the same metal. The length of the first wire is half that of the second wire and its diameter is twice the diameter of the second wire. If the same weight is hung on the wire, what will be the ratio of the increase in their lengths?
If the ratio of the lengths and radii of two bars of the same metal are 1: 2 and 2: 3 respectively and the temperature is the same, then what will be the ratio of the rate of heat flow in the permanent state?
The ratio of heat conductivity coefficients of two different substances is 5: 3. If the heat resistance of two sticks of the same thickness of these materials is to be the same, then what should be the ratio of their lengths?
In two identical triangles ABC and PQR, if the ratio of their common heights If so And Find the ratio of the area of the flow.
The lengths of two strands of a substance are equal but the ratio in radii Is drawn with unequal force, there is an equal increase in its length, the ratio between hairs is
The ratio of the radii of two soap bubbles Will be the ratio of pressure excess within both bulbul
Ratio of area of two identical triangles Is There is a ratio between their corresponding arms.
(A) The temperature of two objects of the same surface area made of the same material respectively Is If the temperature of the atmosphere Find the ratio of their heat loss rates. <br> (B) In the above question, if the temperature of the objects respectively And the temperature of the atmosphere What will be the ratio of their heat loss rates?
The radius of a solid sphere of iron is r. Its two equal parts are divided. Of the same diameter after melting the first part Length wire is made. Putting the other part of the same diameter Length wire is made. Prove that the ratio of resistances of these stars will be equal to the ratio of the square of their length.
The frequency of the perth surcharge of a closed organ pipe is the same as that of the first supersaturator of an open organ pipe. What is their ratio in lengths?
The ratio of the wavelengths of two sound waves in the air is . Their frequencies will be estimated
The resistance of two bulbs of the same voltage is in the ratio of 1: 2. When added to the hierarchy, they will have a power-ratio of -
The frequency of the basic tone of a closed organ pipe and an open organ pipe is the same. What is the ratio between their lengths?
The area of the cross section of two rods made of different materials is in the ratio of 1: 2. The ratio of heat conductivity of their substances is 4: 3. Keeping the temperature constant between these rods, the rates of heat conduction in the rods are same. Find the ratio of the lengths of the rods.

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