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Question From class 12 Chapter तरलो के यांत्रिक गुण- II

एक बडा बुलबुला झील की तली से नियत ताप पर पृष्ठ पर आता है तब इसकी त्रिज्या दुगुनी हो जाती है । यदि वायुमंडलीय दाब पानी के स्तंभ की H ऊँचाई के बराबर है तो झील की गहराई होगी -





Answer :


Solution :

<br> या <br> या <br> या या <br> या h = 7H

An air bubble is formed at the bottom of the 3.3 m deep river whose radius is 2.0 mm. What will be its radius when it comes to the surface of the bubble river? Atmospheric pressure Pascal and water density [ ]
A bubble of gas emerges at the bottom of a pond. When it reaches the surface, its actual volume increases eightfold. Suppose the pressure exerted by 10 m height of the water column is equal to the atmospheric pressure, then the depth of the pond will be:
Angle of elevation of a helicopter located at a point 100 meters above the surface of a lake And the angle of depression at the same point of the shadow in the lake of the helicopter Is | Find the height of the helicopter.
The volume of air bubbles from the bottom of a lake to the surface is 11 times. If the height of mercury in the pressure gauge is 78 cm, find the depth of the lake. Density of water in the lake And density of mercury is.
The thickness of a plane-convex lens is 4 cm. When it is placed on a horizontal table in such a way that its curved surface is in contact with the table, the depth of the bottom point of the lens of the lens is shown to be 3 cm. If the lens is reversed so that the plane surface is in contact with the table, then the virtual depth of the center of the plane surface of the lens is found to be 25/8 cm. Find the focus distance of the lens.
What is the water load displaced by the boat for a steel boat floating on a lake?
Angle of elevation of clouds at height h from a lake And the angle of depression of its shadow in the lake Prove that the height of the clouds Is
The density of water in the cliff of a lake is higher than that of its surface. If the compressibility of water is atmosphere, find the depth of the lake. (M / s)
The migration speed on the surface of the Earth is 11 km / s. The radius of another planet is twice the radius of the Earth and its mass is times the mass of the Earth. Find the migration speed on the surface of the second planet.
In Figure 9.33, water up to d height in a beaker (refractive index ) Is full. A flat mirror M is placed at h height from the bottom of the beaker. Find the position of the reflection of the beaker bottom made by the mirror.
When the height of an object is doubled from the earth plane, then its potential energy becomes
A window is in the form of a rectangle with a semicircle at the top. If the perimeter of the window is p cm. Prove that maximum light is obtained from the window when the radius of the semicircle Be cm
The volume of the ball is reduced by 0.2 percent in moving a solid rubber ball from its bottom to the bottom of a 180 meter deep water lake. If the density of lake water And Find the value of volume elasticity coefficient of rubber.
The distribution of charge on a cylindrical surface of infinite length is uniform! If the radius of the cylinder is R and keep the charge density Find the intensity of the area valid at the point P located at the distance r from the cylinder&#39;s axis while the point P- (i) is inside the cylinder (ii) outside the cylinder!

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