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Question From class 11 Chapter REDOX REACTIONS

gram of pure is completely oxididsed to respective highest oxidation states by 50 ml of 0.1 M hot acidified , then mass of taken is :

None of these

Answer :


X gram of pure is completely oxidised to respective highest oxidation states by 50 ml of 0.1 M hot acidified then X, mass of taken is : (Molar mass of )
Balance the following equations: <br> i. <br> ii. If is the molecular mass of , the equivalent weight of is <br> a. , b. ,c. ,d. //28
<br> The equivalent weight of is
In the following reaction (unbalanced), equivalent weight of is related to molecular weight by <br>
Assertion :- A sol of prepared by the action of on is negatively charge. <br> Reason :- Due to adsorption of ion on surface of sol.
has a negative charge. Capacity to precipate it is highest in
sol has a negative charge. Capacity to precipitate it is highest in
sol is ,
is soluble in forming-
The solubility product of is . What is the solubility of
Find the numbers of moles of required to reduce moles of according to reaction, <br>
which of the following will have the highest coagulating power for colloid?
STATEMENT - 1 : CdS and are coloured compounds. <br> and <br> STATEMENT - 2 - : CdS and can be separated by ammonium sulphide.
Assertion : ions have greater precipitating power for than ions. <br> Reason : sol is a negatively charged sol.

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