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The reaction of NO with `N_2O_4` at 250 K gives :

Updated On: 4-5-2021

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The reaction of NO with `N_2O_4` at 250 K gives :
If in the reaction `N_2O_4 ⇌ 2NO_2`,`alpha` is degree of dissociation of `N_2O_4` Then the number of molecules at equiliberium will be :
इस अभिक्रिया पर विचार कीजिए: `2N_2O_4 hArr 4NO_2`. यदि `(-d[N_2O_4])/(dt) = k" एवं "(d[NO])/(dt)= k'` तो
Consider the reaction `2N_2O_4 hArr 4NO_2` and given that `(-d[N_2O_4])/(dt)=k` and `(d[NO_2])(dt) = k'`. then
अभिक्रिया `N_2O_4(g) harr 2NO_2 (g)` के लिए 298 K पर `K_P` का मान 0.98 है। बताइये कि अभिक्रिया स्वतः प्रवर्तित है या नहीं।
For the reaction `N_2O_4 hArr 2NO_2`, at 350 K, the value of `K_c =0.4`.The value of `K_p` for the reaction at the same temperature would be :
The reaction , `N_2O_4(g)rarr2NO_2(g)` , is first order reaction , which of the following best describes the variation of concentration of `N_2O_4` with time ?
Gaseous `N_2O_4` dissociates into gaseous `NO_2` according to the reaction `N_2O_4(g) hArr 2NO_2(g)` .At 300 K and 1 atm pressure, the degree of dissociation of `N_2O_4` is 0.2 If one mole of `N_2O_4` gas is contained in a vessel, then the density of the equilibrium mixture is :
`K_p` for the reaction `N_2O_4(g) leftrightarrow 2NO_2(g)` at 750K is 640torr. Calculate the percentage of dissociation of `N_2O_4` at equilibrium pressure of 160torr.
`2NO_2(g) harr N_2O_4(g): DeltaH =-52.7 kJmol_1` What happens when `N_2O_4` is removed from the reaction medium?
<br> The `K_P` for the reaction `N_2O_4 hArr 2NO_2` is 640 mm at 775 K.The percentage dissociation of `N_2O_4` at equilibrium pressure of 160 mm is :
For the reaction `N_2O_4 hArr 2NO_2` , if degrees of dissociation of `N_2O_4` are 25%,50% and 100% , the gradation of observed vapour densities is
अभिक्रिया `N_2O_4(g) hArr 2NO_2(g)` के लिए 400 केल्विन तथा 50 केल्विन पर K के मान क्रमश: 50 तथा 1700 हैं। निम्नलिखित में से सही विकल्प कौन-सा है?
Determine `K_p` for the given reaction reaction : <br> `N_2O_4(g) iff 2NO_2(g), K_c = 4.62 xx 10^-3 M` at 298 K
138 gm `N_2O_4` is introduced into 8.21 litre container at 300 K. Temperature is increased to 600 K where it dissociates into `NO_2`.If equilibrium partial pressure of `N_2O_4` and `NO_2` are equal than `K_p` (in atm ) for `N_2O_4(g) hArr 2NO_2` at 600 K.

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