The quality of diesel is expressed in terms of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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octane number


decane number


ignition number


cetane number




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ok so hello everyone on this question says that the quantity of diesel is expressed in terms of Octane number Dekhen number ignition number lete number so it begins the solution so basically the quality of diesel has been expressed by setting number so what is the certain number is it basically tells how fast the diesel will Ignite when it is compressed to the it is passed to the hot air compressor so basically more the value s faster it will Ignite

when Priya Datt hot compressed air in diesel engine there is there is no ignites which we have studied that and petrol engine there is a ignition that ignites the petrol and therefore it was but that is not the creation of diesel it is sprayed into the hotter the more satellite values the more faster it will basically a Nightmare spirit to hot compressed air so therefore in it as well so therefore we can say that the more certain value is the more the better is the quality of diesel because it will catch service at will it faster so with this we Computer Solution thank you

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