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Question From class 12 Chapter परमाणु, अणु एवं तुल्यांकी भारों की अवधारणा

अणु में उपस्थित परमाणुओं की संख्या कहलाती है

मोल अनुपात



आवोगाद्रो संख्या

Answer :


The number of atoms present in the molecule of a substance is called
The number of atoms in 2 grams of oxygen is equal
The number of atoms in 0.024 g Mg is
Find the number of atoms in 100 g phosphorus. If the phosphorus molecule If informed by What will be the number of molecules?
The zinc atom has a diameter of 2.6 Å. (A) Find the number of consecutive atoms in the line at a radius pm of the zinc atom, (b) 1.6 cm in length.
Avogadro number is the number of molecules present
Number of electrons present in the village
The number of neighboring atoms closest to a lattice point in the face centered cubic (fcc) body is:
In which of the following the total number of atoms per cell is 2?
The number of hydrogen atoms associated with a phosphorus atom in hypophosphorus acid is:
In 2, 2, 4, 4-tetramethylpentane The number of carbon atoms is:
The reactive compounds have the largest number of reactive bonds between two atoms.
Hemoglobin contains 0.25% iron by weight. The molecular weight of hemoglobin is about 89600. The number of iron atoms in hemoglobin per molecule is: (Fe = 56)
The isomerism produced due to the difference in the spatial direction of atoms or groups is called …………….
Mass number of an element Where Z is the number of electrons present in the element. The number of neutrons in it will be:

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