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Question From class 11 Chapter STRUCTURE OF ATOM

The enegry of an electron in an atom//ion depends principally on

Answer :


Solution :

The smaller is, the lower is the enegry. In the case of the atom or single-electron atomic ions, such as and is the only quantum number determining the enegry (which is given by Bohr's formula). For other atoms//ions, the enegry also depends on the quantum number . since enegry is required in shifting away the negatively charged from the positively charged nucleus, the enegry of the orbital will increase with increase of .

The angular momentum of an electron in an atom depends on
Enegry associated with an electron of hydrogen atom is given by the expression
Electron gain enthalpy of an element is a measure of its atom's ability to accept an electron to from an anion. It is defined as the enegry change (i.e., enegry released or absorbed) when an electron is accepted by an isolated atom in the gaseous state in the_________of the free atom.
The correct expression derived for the energy of an electron in the enegry level is for H-atom :
The stability of ionic crystal depends principally on
The first ionization enthalpy of an atom is the minimun enegry nedded to remove the highest enegry (that is the outermost) electron from the neutral atom in the________state in its ground state.
The energy level for ion atom depends on :
The angular momentum of an electron depends on:
The total energy of eletcron in the ground state of hydrogen atom is . The kinetic enegry of an electron in the first excited state is
When an electron transitions from an excited state of an atom / ion like hydrogen to a minimum energy state, its:
though the energy of an orbital is principally determined by the quantum number, the energy also depends some what on the quantum number except for_______atom//ion. <br> (i) (ii) <br> (iii) (iv)
Which of the following is correct? <br> (i) The energy of an electron in an atom has a negative sign for all possible orbits. <br> (ii) The enegry of an electron in the atom is lower than the enegry of a free electron at rest. <br> (iii) A free electron at rest is an electron that is infinitely far away form the nucleus and is assigned the enegry value of zero. <br> (iv) As the electron gets closer to the nucleus (as decreases), becomes larger in absolute value and more and more negative.
As an electron makes a transition from an excited state to the ground state of a hydrogen - like atom //ion
As an electron makes a transition from an excited state to the ground state of hydrogen-like atom ion:
Calculate the enegry of an electron in the second Bohr orbit of an atom. <br> Strategy : Use Eq. and proper values of and . Atomic number of the -atom is .

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