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Question From class 11 Chapter STRUCTURE OF ATOM

The electron in the hydrogen atom makes a transition from the energy level (or state) to the ground state (corresponding to ). Find the frequency of the emitted photon. <br> Strategy: Use Eq. directly to obtain , with (ground state) and . Then find the frequncy.

Solution :

Step <br> <br> <br> This wavenumber lies in the ultraviolet region. <br> Step Since , the frequency of the emitted photon is <br> <br> <br>

When an electron makes a transition from state to n state the frequency of emitted radiation is related to n according to
Calculate the enegry of an electron in the first Bohr orbit if a hydrogen atom. <br> Strategy: Use Eq. to obtain directly the energy of the lowest stationary state (or ground state).
The Balmer series for the hydrogen atom corresponding to electronic transition that terminate in the state of quantum number . Find the longest-wavelength photons emitted and determine its enegry. <br> Strategy: The longest-wavelength photon is associated with the smallest enegry difference. Its emission in the Balmer series results from the transition form to .
What is the wavelength of a photon emitted during a transition form the state to the state in the atom?
Find the wavelength of light emitted when an electron drops from level to ground state in ion Given Rydberg constant
A photon was absorbed by a hydrogen atom in its ground state and the electron was promoted to the fifth orbit. When the excited atom returned to its ground state, visible quanta were emitted when electron made transition.
A hydrogen atom in the ground state is hit by a photon exctting electron to the thoird excerd state .The electron then drops to the second orbit. What is the frequency of radiation emitted and abserbed in the process ?
The electron of H-atom in the ground state is excited to a higher energy level by monuchromatic light of energy How many different photon are emitted when it return to the ground state?
In sample of hydrogen atoms in ground state, electron make transition from ground state to particular <br> excited state, where path length is four times of debroglie wavelenght . Electrons make back transition to<br> the ground state prouducing all possible photons. <br> Debroglie wavelenght of electron which is emitted from the fianl excited dtate of above hydrogen sample, when photon of 1eV collide with it
An electron in ion makes a transition from higher state to lower state The emitted photons is used to ionize an electron in H-atom from 2nd excited state. The electron on leaving the H-atom has a de Broglie wavelength .Find the value of <br> Note : Use
Find the quantum number corresponding to the excited state of ion if on transition to the ground state that ion emits two photon in succession with wavelength and
In a sample of H-atoms in ground state electrons make transition from ground state to a particular excited state where path length is 5 times de Broglie wavelength , electrons make back transition to the ground state producing all possible photons. If photon having 2nd highest energy of this sample can be used to excite the electron in a particular excited state of ion then find the final excited state of ion .
What is the wavelength of light emitted when the electron of a hydrogen atom undergoes a transition from an energy level with to an energy level with ? .What is the colour corresponding to this wavelength ?
The ionization energy of the hydrogen atom is given to be 13.6 eV .A photon falls on hydrogen atom <br> which is initially in the ground state and excited in to the(n=4) state. <br> (i) Show this transition in the energy- level digram & <br> (ii) calcuted the wavelenght of the photon.
The frequency corresponding to transition to in hydrogen atom is.

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