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Question From class 11 Chapter ATOMIC STRUCTURE

: Potential energy of the two opposite charge system increase with the decrease in distance . <br> : When an electron makes transition from higher orbit to lower orbit it's kinetic energy increases. <br> : When an electron make transition from lower energy to higher energy state its potential energy increases. <br> : 11 eV photon can free an electron from 1 st excited state of ion . <br> Select the correct set of true-false for above statements.





Answer :


As an electron makes a transition from an excited state to the ground state of a hydrogen like atom/ion <br> (a) kinetic energy, potential energy and total energy decrease <br> (b) kinetic energy decreases, potential energy increases but total energy remains same <br> (c ) kinetic energy and total energy decrease but potential energy increases <br> (d) its kinetic energy increases but potential energy and total energy decrease
When an electron makes transition from its stable orbit to another stable orbit of lower energy , where does the remaining energy go ?
Amount of energy required to excite an electron of an atom from the lower energy state to its next higher energy state is defined as:
According to Bohr's theory energy is ...when an electron moves from a lower to a higher orbit.
When electric transition occurs from higher energy state to lower energy state with energy difference equal to electron volts , the wavelkength of the line emitted is apporomately equal to
Energy of an electron increases with increase in distance from the nucleus. Comment on the change in kinetic energy and potential energy.
When an electron of hydrogen like atom jumps from a higher energy level to a lower energy level.
An electron in a hydrogen atom makes a transition such that its kinetic energy increases, then
Hydrogen atom: <br> The electronic ground state of hydrogen atom contains one electron in the first orbit. If sufficient energy is provided, this electron can be promoted to higher energy levels. The electronic energy of a hydrogen-like species (any atom//ions with nuclear charge Z and one electron) can be given as <br> where <br> The energy required to promote the ground state electron of H-atom to the first excited state is: <br> When an electron returns from a higher energy level to a lower energy level, energy is given out in the form of UV//Visible radiation.
The energy of an electron in the nth orbit is given by . Calculate the energy required to excite an electron from ground state to the second excited state.
The electron, in a given Bohr orbit has a total energy of . Calculate its (i) kinetic energy, (ii) potential energy and (iii) the wavelength of light emitted, when the electron makes a transition to the ground state. Ground state energy
An electron is excited from a lower energy state to a higher energy state in a hydrogen atom. Which of the following quantity/quantities decreases/decrease in the excitation ?
When an electron transitions from an excited state of an atom / ion like hydrogen to a minimum energy state, its:
If is the energy emitted in electron vots when an electronic transition occurs from higher energy level to a lower energy level in H-atom, the wavelength of the line produced is approximately equal to
Assertion: The electron in the hydrogen atom passes from energy level to the level. The maximum and minimum number of photon that can be emitted are six and one respectively. <br> Reason: The photons are emitted when electron make a transtition from the higher energy state to the lower energy state.

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