Reduction Of The Concentrated Ore To The Metal

Updated On: 11-7-2020

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Reduction Of The Concentrated Ore To The Metallic Oxide Reduction of Ores and Refining of Metal Zone refining is used for which of the following ? <br> (i) Purification of an ore <br> (ii) Purification of metal <br> (iii) Reduction of metal oxide <br> (iv) Concentration of an ore धातु के अयस्कों से निष्कर्षण एवं पृथक्करण में निम्न चरण सम्मिलित होते हैं <br> I. अयस्कों का सान्द्रण <br> II. धातुओं का परिष्कारण <br> III. सान्द्रित अयस्क का अपचयन <br> IV. अयस्कों की पिसाई <br> उपरोक्त चरणों का सही अनुक्रम वाला विकल्प होगा How many of the given consequences are in general the result of roasting and/or calcination of concentrated ores? <br> (a) Removal of mositures <br> (b) Reduction of metal oxides into metal <br> (c ) Removal of volatile impurities as elemental vapour or volatile oxides <br> (d) Conversion of concentrated ores into correspondin oxides <br> (e) Melting of concentrated ores <br> (f) Ores become porous The active metals are extracted from their ores by the process of reduction with Extraction Of Metals - Concentration Of Ore Or Enrichment Of Ore|Extraction Of Metals - Conversion Of Concentration Ore Into Metal|Extraction Of Metals - Metals In High Reactivity Series|Difference Between Solid, Molten NaCL And Aqueous NaCL? P: Extraction of the metal from Its ores depends on the physical property of the ore. Q: Concentration of the ore depends on the reactivity of the metal. Benefication of the ore can be done by different ways. It is increasing the concentration of ore by removing impurities, while refining is the process by which concentration of metal is incresed in the final product. <br> Which of the following compound will be reduced by carbon reduction? Extraction is a process of obtaining metals in the free state from concentrated ores. The two main operations for working of the ore are, conversion of concentrated ore to its oxide from (oxidation or de-electronation) and conversion of oxide to the metal (reduction or de-electronation). The concentrated ore is converted to metal oxide by calcination and roasting. The oxide of the metal is converted to metallic form by using reducing agents such as C,CO or active metals (Na, K, Mg, Al, etc). The Ellingham diagrams help in choosing the better reducing agents. Some metals like gold and silver are extracted by leaching process which involves both oxidation and reduction. <br> What type of ores are roasted ? Explain isolation of metals from concentrated ore. Which one of the following is not a method of concentration of metal ores ? किसी अयस्क के धातु निष्कर्षण में सांद्रण का बहुत महत्त्व है। क्यों? Which of the following are method of concentration of ore is metals? లోహ నిష్కర్షణలో ముడి ఖనిజoను సాంద్రీకరించడంను వివరించుము.

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