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Question From class 11 Chapter 14TH GROUP ELEMENTS

One of the calcium silicates is called Wollastonite. The silicate present in the mineral has a plane projection structure as follows. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NAR_CHM_XI_V04_C04_E01_328_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> What is the positive charge that has to be provided to compensate the negative charge of silicate.

The silicate anion in the mineral kinoite is a chain of three tetrahedra, that share corners with adjacent tetrahedra. The charge pof silicate anion is
A silicate anion in a mineral is a linear chain of three silicate tetrahedral units that share at corners. The silicate mineral contains ions. The formula of that mineral is
the overall charge present on the cyclic silicate anion is:
The number of tetrhedral silicate units present in one molecule of the mineral beryl.
sol has a negative charge. Capacity to precipitate it is highest in
has a negative charge. Capacity to precipate it is highest in
Which of the following anions is present in the simple single chain structure of silicate?
About of the earth's crust is composed of silicate minerals, alumino silicate clay r silica. Silicates are classified on the basis of bonding and the metal ions present in them. Some of the common categories of silicates are <br> (I) orthosilicates , (II) pyrosilicates <br> (III) cyclic silicates , (IV) chain silicates <br> (V) amphiboles , (VI) sheet silicates <br> (VII) three-dimensional network silicates <br> What is true regarding a double chain silicate 'Amphiboles' ?
has tetrahedral structure, the silicate formed by using the three oxygen has
Amphilbole silicate structure has 'x' number of corner shared per tetrahedron. The value of x is :
An electron is a fundamental subatomic particle which carries one unit negative charge and has a mass nearly equal to the mass of an_______atom.
In which of the following silicates, only two corners per tetrahedron are shared ? <br> I. Pyrosilicate <br> II. Cyclic silicate <br> III Double chain silicate <br> IV Single chain silicate <br> V 3D Silicate
The arsenious sulphide sol has negative charge . The maximum coagulating power for precipitiating it is of :
What is the value of 'x' in the silicate mineral, ?

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