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Question From class 12 Chapter SURFACE CHEMISTRY

Name the enzymes used in Conversion of proteins into peptides in stomach.

Solution :

The enzyme used in conversion of proteins into peptides in stomach is pepsin.

Name the reagent which is used in the conversion of group into group.
Match the following enzymes given in Column I with the reactions they catalyse given in Column II. <br>
Which of the following is not an important secondary structural feature in large peptides and proteins ?
Catalyst used in conversion of n-hexane into benzene in:
Name the most commonly used enzymes in ELISA.
Enzymes bringing about hydrolysis of esters and peptides are
Which of the following enzymes digests protein in stomach?
Which one of the following enzymes digests protein in stomach?
Enzymes present in gastric juice of stomach are
which of the following enzymes is employed in the conversion of corn starch into frucose - rich corn syrup ?
Hydrolysis of proteins in the presence of enzymes produces:
Name the enzymes involved in the breakdown of nucleotides into sugars and bases?
The enzymes in saliva which acts upon plasma proteins is
Mention the enzymes which hydrolyse proteins in an acidic medium.
Which enzymes which hydrolyse proteins in an alkaline medium?

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