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If solution is mixed with of 98% of solution , then

<br> <br> <br> <br> Mass of <br> concentration of each component becomes half ot the initial value.

of is mixed with of . Find the molarity in solution.
When of solution is mixed with of , the resulting mixture will be
What volume of 95% by weight and what mass of water must be taken to prepare of 15% solution of
If of and of are mixed, the mass percent of in the resulting solution
Calculate the normality of mixture obtained by mixing <br> a. <br> b. <br> c. <br> d. equivalent of
If 200 ml of M is mixed with 100 ml of M solution, molarity of in the final solution, if final solution has density , will be :
of of of are mixed togther. <br> a. What is the final conecntration of the solution. <br> b. What would be the final concentration of the solution. If the solution is made to by adding ? <br> c. What would be the final concentration of the solution if of is added to the solution?
2.7 gm of Al is heated with 100 mL of (29.4% w/w density 1 gm/mL) following reaction takes place: <br> <br> The volume of gas evolved at 273 k and 1 atm:
2 M of 100 ml is mexed with 3 M of 100 ml NaCl solution and 1 M of 200 ml solution. Then the ratio of the concentration of cation and anion.
50 mL solution of (20.8% w//v) and 100 mL solution of (9.8% w//v) are mixed (Ba = 137, Cl = 35.5, S=32) <br> <br>Weight of formed is:
If litre of solution is mixed with litre of solution then the concentration ofv if solution is acidic or concentration of if solution is basic in the final solution is:
What volume (in ml) of 0.2 M solution should be mixed with the 40 mL of 0.1 M solution such that the resulting solution has the concentration of as
When of and of and of are mixed, then in the resulting solution
Find the molality fo solution whose specific gravity is and 98% (Weight/volume) .
How many ml of 1 (M) is required neutralise 10 ml of 1 (M) NaOH solution?
of mixture of and is neutralised by of . Hence, in solution is
500 ml of 2M solution is mixed with 200 ml of NaCl solution and 300 ml of 50% solution . Calculate molarity of in the final solution.
500 mL, solution is mixed with 100 mL, solution and resulting solution is diluted to 5 times. Find the molarity of ions in the final solution. <br> [Atomic mass of Al = 27, S = 32, Na = 23]
of solution having molarity and density is mixed with of water. Calculate final m plarity of solution, if final density is ?

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