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Hydrogen chloride dissolves in water, forming an acidic solution. <br> Name the experiment which demonstrates that hydrogen chloride is highly soluble in water.

Updated On: 2-5-2021

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Fountain experiment 

Hydrogen chloride gas being highly soluble in water is dried by:
হাইড্রোজেন ক্লোরাইড জলে দ্রবীভূত হলে উৎপন্ন হয়-
Which property of hydrogen chloride is demonstrated by this experiment? <br> <img src="" width="80%">
Name the experiment which demonstrates that ammonia is highly soluble in water.
Which of the following indicates that the bonding in hydrogen chloride is covalent ? <br> (i) an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride form hydrogen with metals <br> (ii) hydrogen chloride is a gas <br> (iii) hydrogen chloride is not acidic in the absence of water <br> (iv) dry hydrogen chloride is a non-conductor of electricity
Describe an experiment to prove that hydrogen chloride gas is (i) extremely soluble in water (ii) acidic in nature.
Choose the correct answer from the options given below: <br> Hydrogen chloride gas being highly soluble in water is dried by:
Water, Ammonia, Sodium, chloride, Hydrogen chloride.
Give theoretical explanation for the following statement <br> Hydrogen chloride gas dissolves in water.
What property of hydrogen chloride is demonstrated when it is collected by downward delivery (upward displacement]. Why is hydrogen chloride not collected over water .
Aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride is strongly acidic but the solution of hydrogen chloride in benzene is not at all acidic -why?
Hydrogen chloride and water are examples of _________ [polar covalent compounds , non - polar covalent compounds] and a solution of hydrogen chloride in water ______ [ contains , does not contain]free ions.
Which is the solution in the followings solutions? <br> (i) Hydrogen chloride and water, (ii) 80 mL of nitrogen and 20 mL hydrogen.
Hydrogen is highly soluble in water.(True / False)
21.5 g of sodium chloride dissolves in 60 g of water at `25^(@)` C calculate the solubilty of sodium chloride in water at that temperature .

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