Explain the following: Covalent solids are usually soft.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is explain the following covalent solid are usually the reason for this lies in the morning of the covalent solids covalent solids are basically formed by the sharing of electrons light if you see the example of chlorine gas the electronic configuration of chlorine is 287 and electronic configuration will be for the another chlorine when withdraw its Lewis structure then what will happen if Lauren needs on more electron to computech update and another chlorine also needs one electron to complete its opted then these two electrons are shared between the chlorine overall the octet of chlorine

get completed that means they also becomes 288 molecules and here also formation of 28 molecule is possible due to the sharing of Aurangzeb is sharing of electron and the phone ka not strong in comparison to the ionic bond where the complete giving of electrons are taking off electronics for people that's why these are usually we and can be easily break of that's why covalent solids are usually stopped and these exist in the form of gas liquids or if there exist in the form of solid than those solids will be actually talked 1 solids examples of this type of compound is like graphite or if it's the

thank you slide to at 60 covalent solid these can easily break of the chlorine gas this can easily made a part of basic reason for that because of sharing of electrons the bond between this molecule can be easily dismantled ok that's why we are actually softimage I understand it thank you very much

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