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Question From class 11 Chapter ATOMIC STRUCTURE

Calculate the IE a one ion b one mole of ion.Given Rydherg constant

For ioniasion <br> :. Ifd is given by <br> a. <br> <br> <br> b. <br> <br>

forms a body-centred cubic lattice. If the edge of the cube is and the density is , calculate the percentage occupancy of metal.
Find radius <br> (A) Bohr orbit of H-atom <br> (B) shell of ion <br> (C ) shell of ion
For each of the following pairs which has greater and why? <br> a. , b. , c. , d.
The ionisation energy of 19.6 xx 10^(-19) J "atom "^(-1) li^(2+)
Balance the following nuclear reactions: <br> a. <br> b.
The decreasing ordr for elements is .
The salt of which one of the follwing five weak acid will be the most hydrolysed? <br> a. b. <br> c. d. <br> e.
For and , the energies are relased to the quantum number n through an expression <br> where Z is the atomic number species and <br> a.What is the energy of the lowest level of a ion ? <br> b. .What is the energy of the third level of a ion ?
How many joules of energy must be absorbed to convert Li to , all the atoms present in mg of gaseous Li ? of Li is .
The ionisation energy of Li is 500 KJ/mole. The amount of energy required to convert 70 mg of Li atoms required to convert 70 mg of Li atoms in gaseous state into ion (in KJ) is
Calculate the loss in mass during the change: <br>
Calculate the of the following solutions: <br> a <br> b <br> c <br> d
Ionisation energy of is . The energy of the first stationary state of is.
The energy needed for is . If the first ionisation energy of Li is . Calcuate the second ionisation energy of . <br> (Given : for ).
The rate constant for the reaction <br> is . The concentration of at which rate of the reaction is is -
The ionization energy of H-atom is . Calculate the is ionization energy of ion-
The rate constant of reaction is after , after and after . The order of the reaction is :
Given for the process is for is then of are respectively (approx value) :-
A hydrogen atom and a ion ae both in the second excited state . If and are their respective angular momentum in an orbit and and are their respective enrgies, then :

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