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Question From class 11 Chapter GASEOUS STATE

2 moles of and 16 gm of were mixed in a litre vessel at temperature to produce maximum amount of <br> <br> <br> Calculate change in pressure (in atm) due to this reaction.

Answer :


Calculate the change in pressure ( in atm) when 2 mole of and in litre originally at react to produce the maximum quantity of possible according to the equation. <br> Take ltr. Atm mol K <br>
In the reaction, , the rate to change of concentration of NO is
dissociates into and . At equilibrium pressure of , all three gases were found to have equal number of moles in a vessel. In another vessel, equimolormixture of and are taken at the same temperature but at an initial pressure of then find the partial pressure of (in ) at equilibrium in second vessel! <br>
For the reaction at <br> <br> It is observed that the pressure of falls form to in . Calculate the average rate of reaction in (a) , (b) .
Two equilibria are simultaneously existing in a vessel at <br> <br> <br> Initially only and are present in mole ratio. The total pressure at equilibrium is atm and the partial pressure of at equilibrium is atm <br> The incorrect statement(s) regarding the above equilibria is/are
Calculate the change in pressure when mole of and in a vessel originally at react to produce maximum quantity of according to reaction <br> .
Assertion (A) : A change of pressure has no effect in case of the equilibrium, <br> <br> Reason (R) : The reaction, <br> is highly exothermic reaction
For the following reaction : <br> <br> <br> If initially 20 moles of and 30 moles of are taken then calculate sum of moles of and after the reaction.
Calculate (a) and (b) the equilibrium constant for the formation of at 298 K <br> where Delta _(f) G^(@) (NO) = 87*0 "kJ//mol," Delta _(f) G^(@) (O_(2)) = 0 "kJ//mol.
At and of total equilibrium pressure, is partially dissociated into and as: <br> <br> The density of equilibrium mixture is . The degree of dissociation is:,
Assume that the decomposition of can be repersented by the following equation <br> and the reaction approaches wquilibrium at temperature and atm pressure. At equilibrium partial pressure of is atm<br> Calculate in at <br>
Calculate (a) and (b) the equilibrium constant for the formation of and at <br> <br> where <br> <br> <br>
Use the thermochemical data given to calculate for in KJ/ <br> <br> <br>
Calculate the equilibrium constant for the following reaction at 298 K and 1 atm pressure <br> <br> Given at 298K <br> For For <br> at 298 K for the reaction <br> Gas constant,
The density of an equilibrium mixture of and at 1 atm and 373.5K is 2.0 g/L. <br> Calculate for the reaction

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