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Question From class 12 Chapter जैव-अणु

विटामिन E के कार्य लिखिए।

Vitamin - E is
Which vitamins, vitamins also known as ?
Which vitamin is necessary for the formation of RBC?
What is the main source of vitamin E?
Write a major work of intercostal muscles.
Write the major work of the epidermis valve.
Who is not represented by vitamin K?
Which of the following statements regarding vitamins is correct? <br> I. Vitamin-C is necessary for the formation of a supportive answer in the body. <br> II. Vitamin-D is necessary for the synthesis of eye pigment. <br> III. Vitamins in RBC maturation Is priest <br> IV. Vitamin - C is necessary for the use of calcium required by the intestine. <br> Select the correct answer using the code given below.
If the work done by electric field in displacement of a charge And the work done in order of displacement of charge by magnetic force on permanent magnetic field When
The main function of the tendon is?
Name the physical principle on which the principle of optical fiber is based.
Write the relation formula for heat and equivalent mechanical work and clarify the indications used.
Write down the characteristic properties of the potentiometer wire.
Write the formula for the closest homogeneous propane.
Name two types of steel.

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