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is unstable at room temperature. At ortho position not at meta or para, it can easily eliminate

to form benzyne, which then forms biphenylene.


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hello everyone let's start the question and question is here when we react alkyl halide halide Ore aryl halide to the inner region with magnesium in presence of ether when we write in presence of magnesium it reacts with Bromide magnesium is react with Bromide not chloride chloride is not fever reactive in Bangladeshi I'm waiting is Bromide admission ok I can see that according to the present invention is a favour to react with bromine not for chlorine with react here with bromine so our answer will be magnesium Bromide will be magnesium Bromide like this

ok during will remain Singh ok so it is clear to you how to find distortion and thank you very much for that I will be this compound interest you

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