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Question From class 11 Chapter CELL CYCLE AND CELL DIVISION

The number of chromatids in a chromosome at anaphase is

2 in mitosis and 1 in meiosis

1 in mitosis and 2 in meiosis

2 each in mitosis and meiosis

2 in mitosis and 4 in meiosis

Answer :


Assertion: During anaphase, centromere of each chromosome splites and chromatids separate. <br> Reason: During anaphase, chromatids move to opposte poles.
The separation of two chromatids of each chromosome at early anaphase is initiated by
Assertion:During anaphase-II, the chromatids of a cromosome separate.<br> Reason: Centromere of a mitotic chromosome divides during anaphase.
$ The two strands of a chromosome are called sister chromatids <br> ! The two sister chromatids get separated during Anaphase.
Assertion :- In anaphase number of chromosomes get doubled. <br> Durring anaphase each chromosome split simultaneously and two daughter chromatids now referred to as chromosomes.
Number of chromatids per chromosome at metaphase is
In disjunction (separation) of sister chromatids at anaphase
Shape of metacentric chromosome in anaphase is
Acentric chromosome at mitotic anaphase will
How many chromosome shal be present in a diploid cell at mitotic anaphase if its egg cell has the chromosome :-
Match column I with column II and select the correct option from the given codes. <br>
At anaphase -II of meiosis each chromosome contains:-
A : Anaphase-I is actual phase of reduction in number of chromosomes. <br> R : Homologous chromosomes move to the opposite poles with both their chromatids.
Diploid chromosome number being 8, what shall be the number of chromatids in each daughter after meiosis I
The chromatids of a chromosome are held together at a point called

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