The middle ear of Rana tigrina has

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Three ear ossicles i.e. malleus, incus and stapes


One ear ossicle Columella Auris


Two ear ossicles Columella Auris and stapedial plate


No ear ossicle




Ear in frog possess middle ear and internal ear. External ear is absent. Middle ear have one ear ossicles called as columella auris. Middle ear is covered by tympanic membrane.


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hello everyone so question here is the middle ear of the monitor greener has so have some options are given so when we talking about Didwana to Bina it is this scientific name of the crowd ok provision ambient and this MP win 10 Pro organism having the year which the divided into two parts of a two main parts first part is the worst part is middle of a and the second part is the internal ear or the inner ear year ke subject ok no external ear is present ok like in humans or like and other mammals are there is no external ear presents so question asking about the middle ear of the day natak Reena has so we will talk about the middle ear which is formed by the or it contains be it having this some real ossicles

as erotical present in the year of the humans the ear ossicles is also present in the Middle ear audit having V2 your ossicles first one is it contains be Bonnie call ok morning columella forest ok and the second one here is V cutting step by step video at plate now this bonecal Mila Orders and is cartilage new step deal palette is mainly responsible audit function is to pass the day pass the vibrations ok bye ration into the internal

suit performance in function as the year of the girls perform in the human ear deposit vibration into the internal organ hear this Bony call me or in case of the frog is directly connect to the IT connect to the eardrum it's ok and how it is connected to it is connected by the cartilaginous laziness extra extra volume when we talking about the options here first option is be there is it 3 ossicles that is melas incus and stepper Sar project to this one incorrect because these are present in case of the humans not in case of the rocks and when we talking about this steppers so the Bony call me the oddest is be it is the

bus ok to be Step us that present in the human middle ear next one year ossicle Kollam to know there is not one ear ossicle that is it to your circles are present that your every to your ossicle column order then stepped plate is present so this one correct answer so third option of question is the correct next to know your circle so this one also incorrect thank you

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