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Question From class 12 Chapter NEET

Select the correctly written scientific name Mango which was first described by Carolus Linnaeus

Mangifera Indica

Mangifera Indica Car. Linn.

Mangifera indica Linn.

Mangifera indica

Answer :


Given below is the scientific name of Mango. Identify the correctly written name. <br> Mangifera Indica <br> Mangifera indica
The scientific name of dog is correctly written as
Carolus Linnaeus (Carl Linne) was from
Select the correctly written botanical/zoological name.
Plant classification as proposed by carolus linnaeus was artifical because it was based on
Assertion Carolus Linnaeus was a Swedish naturalist. <br> Reason Linnaeus is called Father of Taxonomy.
Which one of the following is the first publication of Carolus Linnaeus?
Carolus Linnaeus belonged to
In which book Linnaeus first of all described botanical nomenclature ?
The nomenclature of Carolus Linnaeus is:
Which is correct data of publication of 'Species Plantarum' authored by Carolus Linnaeus
Give the scientific name of the source organism from which the first antibiotic was produced.
Name the book of Linnaeus which was released in 1735.
Read the following statements and choose the option having all true statements. <br> I. The idea of binomial nomenclature was first introduced by Gaspard Bauhin. <br> II. In the name Mangifera indica L. Here L. is the symbol representing the publication where it was first published. <br> III. In polynomial system of nomenclature, descriptive names are used for organisms. <br> IV. Binomial system was proposed by Carolus Linnaeus.
Carolus Linnaeus classified plant kingdom on the basis of :-

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