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Question From class 12 Chapter THE LIVING WORLD

Related species which are reproductively isolated but morphologically similar are called





Answer :


Related species which are reproductively isolated but morphologically similar are called
Closely related, morphologically similar reproductively isolated, sympatric populations are called as
Closely related, morphologically similar reproductively isolated sympatric populations are designated as
Two species which are morphologically almost identical but they do not interbreed are called
Assertion. Phylogenetic and natural classifications are similar. <br> Reason. The organisms related evolutionarily are usually similar morphologically also.
Two species can be said to be reproductively isolated if they are
Two organs which are similar in structure and origin, but not necessarily in function are called <br> Or <br> The organs of different species that are related to each other through common descent though becomes functionally different are called
Assertion: Members of a species are reproductively isolated from others belonging to other species. <br> Reason: Species is the basic taxonomic category.
A species is reproductively isolated fro the another species. The concept of reproductive isolation was given by
Species which occupy similar niches in different geographical regions are called which one fo the following?
Many mammals which are reproductively active throughout their reproductive phase are called.
Assertion: During asexual reproduction, the offspring that are produced are not only identical to one another but also exact copies of their parent. <br> Reason: Morphologically and genetically similar individuals are called clones.
A species was defined as a population of interbreeding inviduals and reproductively isolated from other populations by
Anatomically and structually different, but function similar structures are called
The organs which perform similar functions but have different basic structure are called :

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