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Question From class 12 Chapter NEET

Phloem in gymnosperms lacks :

Both sieve tubes and companion cells

Albuminous cells and seive cells

Sieve tubes only

Companion cells only

Answer :


The phloem in gymnosperms lacks
Xylem in Gymnosperms lacks
Phloem of monocots generally lacks
Phloem of gymnosperms differ from angiosperms in
The cells absent in phloem of gymnosperms are
A major difference between phloem of angiousperms and gymnosperms is
The difference in phloem of gymnosperms and angiosperms is due to
Read the following statements and select the correct ones. <br> (i). Phloem parenchyma is absent in most monocots. <br> (ii). Gymnosperms lack tracheids and vessel. <br> (iii). Gymnosperms lack companion cells.
Go through the following statements <br> (i) Phloem parenchya is absent in most of the monocot <br> (ii) Phloem fibres store food material and other substance like resins, latex and mucilage <br> (iii) Phloem fibre are generally absent in the primary phloem but are found in the secndary phloem <br> (iv) Gymnosperms lack sieve tubes and albuminous cells. <br> Which of these are correct ?
To which would ou assign a plant that has xylem and phloem, produces meiospores, embryo but lacks seeds and flowers?
Consider the following statements <br> 1. In pteridophytes, the phloem lacks companion cells. 2. The xylem lacks vessels in majority of pteridophytes. 3. Heterosporous pteridophytes have monoecious gametophytes. 4. Water is essential for fertilization in pteridophytes. <br> Which of these statements are correct?
Phloem parenchyma is absent in the phloem elements of
Heart lacks sinus venosus in
Plant group in which phloem is composed of sieve tube elements, companion cells, phloem parenchyma & Phloem fibres
Assertion: stomate are found on the surface of leaves in gymnosperms <br> Reason: In gymnosperms.

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