List the advantages of a seed in gymnosperm.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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list the advantages of sperm is known as equation of gymnosperm are producing plants like coniferous and now we have to tell the benefit of speed in gymnosperm

protective coat earlier to improve planted can develop fine fine a nice piece of soil pH of soil in the work of states are like protection provide protection openspeed due to that plant employee survive a long

period it will be that sheet protector code that can when you find a nice piece of and it helps to plant survive in their environment

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कथन :-जिम्नोस्पर्म में बीज नग्न होते है। <br> कारण :- जिम्नोस्पर्म में बीज फलों के आवरण में बन्द नहीं होते है। Assertion:- In gymnosperms seeds are naked. <br> Reason:- In gymnosperms seeds are not protected with fruit covering. (a) Enumerate the advantages of Artificial seeds. <br> (b) Write in detail about Autogenic succession and Allogenic succession. जिम्नोस्पर्म में बीज नग्न होते हैं क्योंकि Why seeds are naked in gymnosperms ? List the General characters of Gymnosperms. The gymnosperms are ………………. Seeded plants whereas angiosperms are ………… . In Brassica seeds are formed but it is not placed in gymnosperms. Seeds of gymnosperms have three generations, that is- The gymnosperms form seeds within a fruit. Gymnosperm seeds are naked due to lack of Assertion . Seeds are found in gymnosperms and angiosperm . Are gymnosperms and angiosperms seed-bearing plants ? Gymnosperm seeds are naked due to lack of Gymnosperms are naked seeded plants because

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