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Question From class 11 Chapter ANATOMY OF FLOWERING PLANTS

In which of the following pairs of parts of a flowering plants is epidermis absent?

Root tip and shoot up

shot bud and floral bud

ovule and seed

petiole and pedicel

Answer :


In which of the following pairs of parts of a flowering plant epidermis is absent
Which of the following plants shows multiple epidermis?
Which of the following shows triploid nature in flowering plants ?
Which of the following is a post-fertilisation event in flowering plants ?
Which of the following is a post-fertilization even in flowering plants?
Which of the following is the only conducting tissues in non-flowering plants ?
Which one of the following statements regarding post-fertilization development in flowering plants is incorrect?
After pollination which of the following events is crucial for fertilization to occurs in flowering plants ?
which of the following taxonomical described classification of plant kingdom in "families of flowering plants
Deficiency of which of the following elements delay flowering in plants?
Which type of pollination is quite rare in flowering plants ?
A hypothetical chemical involved in the following of plants is or chemical agent which has important role in flowering is
What is the role of epidermis in plants?
What is the role of epidermis in plants ?
Which of the following plant hormone substtutes for long photoperiods in flowering plants

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