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स्वपोषी पोषण तथा विषमपोषी पोषण में क्या अंतर है ? Define heterotrophs. Give an example of a heterotrophic plant. what is meant by a heterotroph ? Give one example of a heterotroph What is heterotrophic nutrition? Explain the feeding mechanism of heterotrophs. What is meant by a heterotroph ? Give one example of a heterotroph. Heterotrophs Heterotroph HETEROTROPHS HETEROTROPHS Heterotrophs are These are heterotrophs (a) What are heterotrophs ? Give one example of heterotrophs. <br> (b) What is the difference between autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition ? What are heterotroph ? Define - Heterotrophs. HETEROTROPHIC MODE

Very Important Questions

FAQs on Nutrition In Plants

Origin Of Classification

Need Of Classification

Classification And Evoluton

Monera Group And Its Charateristics

Protista Group And Its Charateristics

Fungi Group And Its Charateristics

Plantae Group And Its Charateristics

Animalia Group And Its Charateristics