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question ha starting about it from there we organisms which art pendant on the others for the food here to talk about the audit process with their own food care and they do not depend upon the others but it remains the crow and crow so they are the one which depend upon the other food like as we can see that we as humans we are not able to make our own food in a on body like the plant transfer form the photosynthesis to make their own food but we are dependent on both plants as well as the animals for our daily diet and for a daily nutrition write two week humans we are the proxy and other crops like to talk but fungi is also the topic which absorb the nutrients from the dead and the

organic matter now if you talk about the food chain here so important for us we have the plants so plants they are the producers because there are also other then above the plants we have the hobby book awards are the one which are dependent upon their food on the plants that after the hobby Boss weekend ka Niwas near traffic levels of coronavirus on which they depend upon its food on the herbivores animals that after the divorce forget the Omni are the one which can eat both plants and animals and birds can eat all the animals to discuss the major feature of the materials of you

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