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Question From class 9 Chapter TISSUES

Give main functioin of (a) Red blood corpuscles (b) White blood corpuscles.

Solution :

(a) R.B.Cs transport oxgyen due to presence of haemoglobin in them. <br> (b) W.B.Cs play role in body's defence against pathogens.

Largest number of white blood corpuscles are
Maximum number of white blood corpuscles is that of
Life span of human white blood corpuscles is
Blood corpuscles containing both A and B antigens are mixed with another blood serum. The blood corpuscles agglutinated. Blood serum belong to blood group
Blood corpuscles are produced by
Usually chordates have red blood containing red blood corpuscles. The blood is red due to the presence of the following pigment
Defective red blood corpuscles can be seen when there is a deficiency of
Blood of Cockroach contains corpuscles known as
Formation of blood corpuscles is known as
When red blood corpuscles containing both A and B antigens are mixed with your blood serum, they agglutinate. Hence you blood group is……type.
Largest corpuscles in human blood are
Which one of the following has nuclei in its mature red blood corpuscles ?
Carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin of red blood corpuscles to form _____
Assertion : Amoebaisis is caused by Amoeba. <br> Reason : The protist feed on red blood corpuscles.
What will happen when red blood corpuscles ae placed in (a) 1% NaCI solution (b) 0.6% NaCI solution ?

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