First electron donor in cyclic photo phosphorylation is

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hello students Hare question is post electron electron donor in cyclic phosphorylation is post photo pose for relation Donna is water in how let's discuss here in light in a photosynthesis in a light dependent reaction diagram of a photo autophosphorylation light reaction dependent reaction take place of thylakoid membranes have thylakoid membranes are present declaration decreasing thylakoid membranes in the inside of the help of membranes is called as human hair lumen and outside thylakoid membrane is a is there dost Roma

side stoma light dependent reaction take place of thylakoid membranes container some integral membrane protein complexes that get glider catalyser light means that catalyzes the present there are four major protein complexes present in thylakoid membrane hair photosystem 2 Kyon photosystem autosystem 26 Complex side to Chrome basic Complex photosystem 1 and ATP synthase and ETV

Centre for complex is work together to ultimately creative product ATP and nadph2 creator and here ETP by using the ATP and here and ADP those used by this and this is also used here ps10 is present and p7700 hello sorry and have post molecules is a toner host H2O is the owner of photosynthesis absorbed light energy to a pigments primary chlorophyll B chlorophyll energy is absorbed and be responsible for green colour of which is the chloroplast responsible for green and light dependent reaction begins in a photosystem 2 hair start from here and there are chlorophyll to win a patient

photo system to absorb of photon absorption of photon and electron in this molecule contains an excited energy level this point because the state electron is a very unstable and the electron is transferred from one to another molecule creating a chain of redox reaction called and electron electron transport chain etc and electron flow goes from PS2 cytochrome B 652 PS1 and PS electron get energy from another Photon and the finally electron transport as an 8th in the of photosynthesis the first electron donor is bota bota creating oxygen as a waste product creating a

waste product theory can see creating oxygen as a waste product this product and valence electron donors are used in this b65 work together to create a ATP these will work together and create a ETP process is called Off photo photo photo pose for relation pose relation relation and light reaction after that uses the energy of electrons from PS2 to pump

and to illuminate the proton gradient across the thylakoid membrane periods of proton motive force juice by ATP synthase to form of ATP in a cyclic photophosphorylation cytochrome b6f to energy of electron from known only PS2 but also PS1 create a more ATP and then here any dph cycle photo kaise important to create a ATP and maintain any deviation Elite pushing for the night independent directions to already discussed which is the first country in sightly water

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