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Question From class 12 Chapter NEET

Cells in G0 phase :

terminate the cell cycle

exit the cell cycle

enter the cell cycle

suspend the cell cycle

Answer :


Assertion. Phase of cell division is also known as formative phase. <br> Reason. In Formative phase new cells are produced from pre-existing cells through meiosis.
Quiescent cells in the root tip cells are in which phase of cell cycle of mitosis ?
The DNA content of individual cells and the number of cells in each phase of a cell cycle" can be determined using flow cytometry. Which of the following combinations of "phase of a cell cycle and its corresponding DNA content" can be considered normal? <br> (i) Diploid cells found in the or phase. <br> (ii) Cells with twice the normal DNA content in the early M phase. <br> (iii) Cells with twice the normal DNA content in the phase.
What the size of cells of elongation phase increases?
Where are the cells of elongation phase are present in the plant?
Assertion: The recombinant cells are multiplied in a continuous culture system <br> Reason :It is to maintain the cells in their physiologically most active log/exponential phase
In animal cells, during S-phase (a)_____ begins in the the nucleus and (b)_____ duplicates in the cytoplasm
The cells that do not divide futher exit phase and entehr in an inactive stage called-
The cells which enter _______ phase start differentiating into specific types of cell.
Assertion: Some cells enter phase leasding to inactivation of cell cycle. <br> Reason: phase occurs due to non-availability of mitogen and enrgy rich compounds.
In the initial phase of mineral ion absorption, there is a rapid uptake of ions into _____space of cells. Ions aborbed in this phase are ______exchangeable. It is _____uptake as it _____the expenditure of metabolic energy.
Two key events take place, during S-phase in animal cells, DNA replication and duplication of centriole. In which parts of the cell there events occur ?
Cells fo which phase attain maximum size of terms of wall thickning growth per unit time is termed as
A : The morula passes through the phase of compaction produces two major type of cells : the peripheral cells and the inner cell mass . <br> R : The descendants of inner cell mass becomes the trophoblast cells.
Assertion : The constantly dividing cells both at the root apex and the shoot apex, show the meristematic phase of growth. <br> Reason : The cells of this region are rich in protoplasm and are without nuclei.

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