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यदि `x^(3)+y^(3)=t-1/t` तथा `x^(6)+y^(6)=t^(2)+(1)/(t^(2)` तब सिद्ध कीजिये कि`x^(4)y^(2)(dy)/(dx)=1`

Updated On: 30-8-2020

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??? `x^(3)+y^(3)=t-1/t` ??? `x^(6)+y^(6)=t^(2)+(1)/(t^(2)` ?? ????? ?????? ??`x^(4)y^(2)(dy)/(dx)=1`
यदि `x + y = t + (1)/(t)` तथा `x^(3) + y^(3) = t^(3) + (1)/(t^(3))` है तो सिद्ध कीजिए कि `(dy)/(dx) = - (1)/(x^(2))`
??? `x^(2)+y^(2)=t-1/t` ?? `x^(4)+y^(4)=t^(2)+1/(t^(2))` ??,?? ????? ????? ?? `(dy)/(dx)=-1/(x^(3)y)`
यदि `x^(2)+y^(2)=t-(1)/(t),x^(4)+y^(4)=t^(2)+(1)/(t^(2))`, तब `(dy)/(dx)`=
यदि `x^(2)+y^(2)=t-(1)/(t),x^(4)+y^(4)=t^(2)+(1)/(t^(2))`, तो `x^(3)y(dy)/(dx)` का मान है
If`x^(2)+y^(2)=t+1//t`And`x^(4)+y^(4)=t^(2)+1//t^(2)`Is then`-x^(3)y(dy)/(dx)`What will be the value of?
??? `y=(x+sqrt(x^(2)-1))^(m)` ?? ????? ????? ?? - `(x^(2)-1)(d^(2)y)/(dx^(2))+x(dy)/(dx)-m^(2)y=0`
??? `x^(2)+y^(2)=t-1/t` ??? `x^(4)+y^(4)=t^(2)+1/(t^(2))` ?? ????? ????? `x(dy)/(dx)+y=0`
??? (If) `x=(1-t^(2))/(1+t^(2)),y=(2t)/(1+t^(2))`, ????? ???? ?? (prove that) `(dy)/(dx)+(x)/(y)=0`.
Consider the following statements <br> I. If`tany=(2t)/(1-t^(2))`And`sin2x=(2t)/(1-t^(2))`If it`(dy)/(dx)`Will have a value of 2. <br> II. If`x^(2)+y^(2)=t-(1)/(t)`And`x^(4)+y^(4)=t^(2)+(1)/(t^(2))`If it`x^(3)y(dy)/(dx)`Will have a value of 2. <br> III. If`xy=(x+y)^(n)`And`(dy)/(dx)=(y)/(x)`If n, the value of n will be 2. <br> Which of the statements given above is / are correct?
??? (If) `x=a((1+t^(2))/(1-t^(2)))` ??? (and) `y=(2t)/(1-t^(2))`, (find) `(dy)/(dx)` ????????
??? (If) `x=(3at)/(1+t^(3)),y=(3at^(2))/(1+t^(3)),("find"(dy)/(dx) "at" t=(1)/(2))t=(1)/(2)` ?? `(dy)/(dx)` ????????
यदि `x=a(t+1/t)` और `y+a(t-1/t)`, तो सिद्ध कीजिये कि `(dy)/(dx)=x/y`.
(i) `x=sqrt(1+t^(2))y=sqrt(1-t^(2))` <br> (ii) `x=t+(1)/(t),y=t-(1)/(t)`
`(dy)/(dx)`?? ??? ????? ????? ???? <br>`x=(3at)/(1+t^(3)),y=(3at^(2))/(1+t^(3))`

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