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निम्नलिखित के हरो का परिमेयकरण कीजिए : <br> (i) `(1)/(sqrt(7))` <br> `(ii) (1)/(sqrt(7)-sqrt(6))` <br> (iii) `(1)/(sqrt(5)+sqrt(2))` <br> (iv) `(1)/(sqrt(7)-2)`

Updated On: 12-12-2020

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?????????? ?? ??? ?? ????????? ????? : <br> (i) `(1)/(sqrt(7))` <br> `(ii) (1)/(sqrt(7)-sqrt(6))` <br> (iii) `(1)/(sqrt(5)+sqrt(2))` <br> (iv) `(1)/(sqrt(7)-2)`
`1/(sqrt(7)-sqrt(6))-1/(sqrt(6)-sqrt(5))+1/(sqrt(5)-sqrt(2))-1/(sqrt(8)-sqrt(7))+1/(3-sqrt(8))` का मान ज्ञात करें।
Prove that -`(1)/(3-sqrt(8))-(1)/(sqrt(8)-sqrt(7))+(1)/(sqrt(7)-sqrt(6))-(1)/(sqrt(6)-sqrt(5))+(1)/(sqrt(5)-2)=5`
?????????? ???????? ?? ??? ????? : <br> (i) `(sqrt(2) + 1)/(sqrt(2) - 1) + (sqrt(2) - 1)/(sqrt(2) + 1)` , (ii) `(sqrt(5) + sqrt(3))/(sqrt(5) - sqrt(3)) + (sqrt(5) - sqrt(3))/(sqrt(5) + sqrt(3))` <br> (iii) `2/(sqrt(5) + sqrt(3)) + 1/(sqrt(3) + sqrt(2)) - 3/(sqrt(5) + sqrt(2))` , (iv) `(sqrt(7) + sqrt(5))/(sqrt(7) - sqrt(5)) - (sqrt(7) - sqrt(5))/(sqrt(7) +sqrt(5))`
`1/(sqrt(9)-sqrt(8))-1/(sqrt(8)-sqrt(7))+1/(sqrt(7)-sqrt(6))-1/(sqrt(6)-sqrt(5))+1/(sqrt(5)-sqrt(4))` के बराबर है।
Find the value of each of the following expressions up to three decimal places, when given:`sqrt(2)=1.414,sqrt(3)=1.732, sqrt(5)=2.236`(Nearly)`, sqrt(10)=3.162`And`sqrt(7)=2.646` <br> (i) `1/(sqrt(5))`(Ii)`(sqrt(15))/(sqrt(6))` (iii) `(2-sqrt(2))/(sqrt(5))` <br> (iv) `(sqrt(10)-sqrt(5))/(sqrt(5))`(v)`(4-sqrt(5))/(sqrt(10))`(we)`(sqrt(7)+1)/(sqrt(7)-1)`
`(2/(sqrt(6)+2)+1/(sqrt(7)+sqrt(6))+1/(sqrt(8)-sqrt(7))+2-2sqrt(2))` के बराबर है।
Simplify the following expressions. (i) `(5+sqrt(7))(2+sqrt(5))` (ii) `(5+sqrt(5))(5-sqrt(5))`(iii) `(sqrt(3)+sqrt(7))^2` (iv) `(sqrt(11)-sqrt(7))(sqrt(11)+sqrt(7))`
Simplify the following expressions: <br> (i)`(5+sqrt(7)(2+sqrt(5))`(Ii)`(5+sqrt(5))(5-sqrt(5))` <br> (iii) `(sqrt(3)+sqrt(7))^(2)` (iv) `(sqrt(11)-sqrt(7))(sqrt(11)+sqrt(7))`
`(1/(sqrt(9)-sqrt(8))-1/(sqrt(8)-sqrt(7))+1/(sqrt(7)-sqrt(6))-1/(sqrt(6)-sqrt(5)))` का सरलीकृत मान क्‍या है
If`(sqrt(7)-1)/(sqrt(7)+1)-(sqrt(7)+1)/(sqrt(7)-1)=a+b sqrt(7)`, Then find the values of a and b -
`1/(sqrt(3)+sqrt(4))+1/(sqrt(4)+sqrt(5))+1/(sqrt(5)+sqrt(6))` <br> `+1/(sqrt(6)+sqrt(7))+1/(sqrt(7)+sqrt(8))+1/(sqrt(8)+sqrt(9))` का मान ज्ञात करें।
Solve the following equations <br> (i)`sqrt(3x+1)-sqrt(x-1)=2`(Ii)`sqrt(2x+8)+sqrt(x+5)=7` <br> (iii) `sqrt(x+4)+sqrt(x+20)=2sqrt(x+11)` (iv) `sqrt(x+1)-sqrt(x-1)=sqrt(4x-1)`
????? ???? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ???-??? ?????? ?? ?? ???-??? ??????? ?? : <br> `(i) 2-sqrt(5)` <br> (ii) ` (3+sqrt(23))-sqrt(23)` <br> (iii) `(2sqrt(7))/(7sqrt(7))` <br> (iv) `(1)/(sqrt(2))` <br> (v) `2pi`
State which of the following numbers are rational and which are irrational. <br> (i)`2-sqrt(5)`(Ii)`(3+sqrt(23))-sqrt(23)` <br> (iii) `(2sqrt(7))/(7sqrt(7))` (iv) `(1/(sqrt(2))`<br> (v)`2pi`
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