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Are you preparing for competitive exams – Is it JEE Entrance exams? When it comes to preparing for the CBSE based exams, The NCERT is your Bible!

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Maths NCERT Solutions Preparation Tips for All

The Mathematics is all about solving a problem and achieving a meaningful end solution, methodically (and even philosophically). There are numerous formulas involved to come to single conclusion. Thankfully there are some techniques for studying Maths! Before getting started with theses NCERT Solutions for Maths, Here are Some Must Follow Tips & Tricks for Practicing with Our Video Tutorials:

Distraction Free Study Environment

Mathematics requires more concentration than any other subject. While following these NCERT video tutorials you need a distraction free study environment. Study in a peaceful and noise-free study room. It will help you in stimulating the flow of solving complex equations in geometry, algebra or trigonometry!

Also, it is would be a good idea to study with your friends. You can practice in your study group. This way it becomes easy for you to bounce ideas off while solving critical problems...See More

Prepare Your Notes

The notes preparation while watching the videos is simple yet most effective strategies. Make sure to keep a journal and prepare your notes on all the important points and formulas in that. It will help you to retain the information for a longer period of time. While, you can anytime come back to revise the videos with the expert!...See More

Face the Doubts

Maths is all about practice. If you find yourself stuck in one question then try to process the each step on a notebook. Write it down with a pencil or pen. Time and patience are two virtues to master the Mathematics. Soon writing on your own will turn out to be stepping stone in your numerical solving ability...See More

NCERT Solutions for Maths Your Guide to JEE Preparation

These pre-recorded tutorials are designed not only to help students during their board exams but also come handy to prepare for JEE entrance, BITSAT and VITEEE etc. exams.

Students who are going to appear in competitive exams can prepare Mathematics with these NCERT Solutions to secure a meritorious position. Whenever you face difficulty in understanding a concept or cannot structure an answer appropriately, refer to these videos anytime, anywhere. Study from these NCERT tutorials carefully because usually, nothing beyond NCERT is asked in competitive exams.

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