CBSE Previous year Question Paper for Class 10 Maths

Last 12 years Maths Question Paper and Solutions of CBSE Class 10

Are you confused about where to begin your homework? What are the most important topics? How to prepare for finals? Should do revision or cover those untouched topics? With so many questions in mind, you might feel overwhelmed with what to study for the examination? But don’t worry at all! The experts at have curated the complete list of CBSE Previous year question paper for Class 10 to help you begin your board exam preparation and revision. Download free CBSE Previous year question paper for Class 10 from the links given below.

CBSE Previous year question paper Class 10

Doubtnut offers the best exam preparatory material for students. Get here all the previous year question paper and CBSE sample paper for class 10 Maths with solutions for free.

Every student must solve the previous year question paper before the examination. These are valuable learning source for students to get an idea of upcoming examination, marking scheme and difficulty level. The CBSE previous year question paper for class 10 is mentioned in a year-wise manner. Simply click on the link of the year of which you wish to download the CBSE previous year question paper. For the solution of given previous year question papers, you can go to the DOUBTNUT app, where we provide you detailed solutions to all the questions of CBSE previous year question paper for Maths in the video tutorial format.

CBSE Previous year question paper Class 10: How to get started?

Mathematics is not about cramming formulas or memorizing step, it about developing the basic concepts and regular practice by solving the questions. Therefore, Doubtnut presents to you detailed video solutions of CBSE class 10 boards previous year question paper for Maths for you to practice in the comfort of your home.

Our aim towards providing previous year paper is to help the student feel confident to solve a variety of Math questions before they appear for their board exams. Given board papers are the best revision tools for you to begin examination preparation.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper: Advantage

(i) Help students to understand the pattern of questions and difficulty level.

(ii) Solving given previous year question paper will boost the confidence level of the student.

(iii) It is a great way to revise before the examinations.

(iv) Past year questions will help students to develop the problem-solving skills and test their knowledge.

(v) Help students to develop speed and accuracy.

Scoring in mathematics is easy if you practice regularly and religiously. It is a subject that gives you chance to analyze your own performance. While watching the video tutorials you can evaluate your method of meeting the answer with the expert’s solution. It will give you a better understanding of your performance and better solutions to the problem. You can analyze your performance by watching the video solutions of CBSE boards for class 10 previous year Maths question papers.

CBSE Previous year question papers: Doubtnut

Enjoy the flexibility of learning with Doubtnut – India’s fastest growing e-learning app. The ease of learning online delivered in form video tutorials prepared by the IITians and experienced educational coaches. Simply open a math video solution and start your board exam preparation right away!

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